Monday, March 17, 2014

My First time to the Philippines!

What a dream this is turning out to be. I have wanted to go to the Philippines for so long. When I was able to share the news with my closest friends and family, they all said, "You have been wanting to go for forever!" I didn't realize it myself, but I have! 

Up until 2 years ago, I never set foot outside of the United States! Unless you count that senior trip I took to Cancun, Mexico... Let's not talk about that. I was 18. Wow. Anyway, here I am sitting at my gate at LAX (Los Angeles) getting ready to board my flight to Manila. EVERY TIME I get ready to travel, eat and have a cocktail in the airport or just sit at my gate, I find myself retracing my steps from my previous years and even months. What have I done with my life to get me in this very spot? So much has changed for me in the past year and once again, I find myself counting and appreciate the blessings that I have been given. Im traveling alone and feel that forever will traveling alone be my peace. I have such heartache leaving my family but for me, traveling has made me and anyone for that matter, a more well rounded individual.

Lately I have stepped away from social media and find myself being more private! I guess its part of growing up. The catty shit you find on social media because I wanna blur the face of my man or because I wanna set records straight from assumptions, has made me have a bad taste in my mouth for even posting! My skin is so thick and almost nothing will even rub me the wring way, BUT sometimes I get the need to let it all be known. I am human and I do have feelings too. I am a woman, I get my period, I get PMS, I have bad days and sometimes I wanna fight back. It's real. Most of time Im too busy with my life and kids to not even pay attention, but damn. 

This post basically has nothing to do with anything, but i'm using this blog as an outlet to my spot in the universe. Im very excited to explore another part of the world. My motherland. Family I have never met but only seen pictures of will all be there! My nana who I miss like crazy is so excited to have her granddaughter come stay! 

Thank you to those who have stuck by my side and have been my road dogs. holler back mami.



  1. But you do have to admit that you are somewhat at fault as well. If you want people to respect your privacy, don't post anything that will attract attention. You're a smart girl, so you know that if you post a picture of a ring or of you driving a luxury car people are going to question it.

    Have a safe trip

  2. Doesn't matter what you post, no one should question sh*t. No one pays your bills but you and yours. I enjoy whatever you share. However, I miss when you don't vlog for awhile but's your life you do what you want and share what you want. I just love that I am apart of your journey through life because you decide to share it with the whole youtube world. You and Judy (from itsJudysLife) are my favs. Anyhow I wish you luck and much love! Safe travels and please vlog your CUTE little NANA!!! I miss seeing her on your vlogs! xoxo

  3. So happy for u marissa!!!I been watching ur blogs for a while n I can tell ur very happy at this stage of ur life, the twins r very lucky to have u as their mom, n that fiance of urs its lucky too. Ppl r gonna hate n always have an opinion about ur life n judge you no matter wat, I can imagine all the bs they gonna start about u going too the Philippines on your own, but you deserve it mamas!!! Have lots of fun, wish u will blog ur trip, but I respect ur privacy .... Best wishes ur way!!