Friday, January 3, 2014

My First Get Ready With Me Video!


Soooo, I took a small break from Youtbe recently. Just from my beauty channel thou.. I prefer doing my video journals, they are easy to film and with so much going on in life at the moment, its the only way I can keep posting. BUT,that changed recently for me when I was able to reach out to you guys on Facebook and twitter and the number one request was "GET READY WITH ME" I have watched a few of them and found that it was just filming you getting ready but in super fast motion when it came to the editing! Personally, I find them boring, but as a girl, I love sitting and watching my friends get ready in real life! But if we were to actually film that video and watch in real time, we would be bored as hell. LOL Anyway, here is a stab at my first one! I got a lot of positive comments on it! Any requests for more or anything along those lines are welcome!



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  2. what shade foundation did you use... I looked online and matchmaster doesnt come in nc42