Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vegas BaBy

First of all Id like to share the Project runway palette that I snagged from the drug store! I love the green emerald color! I smoked out my eye using that sponge applicator as much as I could before I went in with the blending brush! I love the colors in that little quad and was impressed with the color pay off!

Below is the DJ Vice birthday dinner at Lavo. Love Love Love Angela (Vice wife) and save my nights out for when she is in town! I always meet the best of people whenever Im out with her and realize that there aren't as many shady people in Vegas as I thought! If you are ever in the area, try and catch a VICE set!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opal Eyes

Here is one of my favorite combos when it comes to the eyes. The techniques is so simple and the complete look takes only 2 eyeshadows!Taking any eyeshadow that has a pearl finish is awesome to make a simple look POP! PLUM and BLACKBERRY from Madison Street Beauty..

The placement:
All over the lid with a fluffy brush, take blackberry all the way to the crease fading it to the brow. With the same brush take Plum pigment to the whole eyelid.. You may also just place Plum over the iris of the eyes to make the look more "smokey"

As for the lips, I kept it very simple. "Creme Cup" from MAc is my "go to" for all of the looks where the eyes is the focus! Lashes are #43 from Miss Adoro

Foundation: Stila "Stay all day"

I hope you loved and give it a try! 


Day of the Dead/Sugar Skull Makeup


It's that time for Halloween! Here is my first look for youtube this year that has to do with dressing up! I have never done a sugar skull but always wanted to! I am a fan of painting my face since it's cheaper than the costumes out there! I used the BH Cosmetics day and night palette for this whole look!! 

Above is the video just in case you missed it! Id love for you to send me your look if you try this out on my Facebook!

The headband is a black bow with netting attached to it. I found it on sale at Bebe a year back, I knew I would need it someday!
The lace long sleeve was bought at Forever 21 a couple years ago as well! I guess I never throw anything away! I always find some way to reuse and revamp old clothing!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Foundation Routine


So have you seen my latest video on my Foundation routine? I've been trying out some new products and thought I'd share my finds!
To start off, my skin type is normal to dry. I like a matte and medium coverage.. Stila has a pretty good foundation that I could wear alone which would be a not so matte finish, but for night, some setting powder would do to get a desired matte finish!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Traveling in Venice, Italy.

I was cleaning out my iphoto and putting all my pictures on to a disk for back up. I realized that I never really went into depth about some of my travels.. I took some images from my travels to Venice, Italy. What a dream its like. I think about it right now and I can still feel the breeze. It was so freaking hot, but still an experience like no other..
This was at the end of August.

The first night that we were in Venice, we ate mussels. I crave them all the time. Never had I ever had mussels like these. So fresh and the flavors were exquisite. All the food that I had in Italy was phenomenal and not what I thought Italian food was like. In America we make everything so "Americanized" and rarely find some authentic cuisine from distant lands. 

This was our from the breakfast table. The water was kinda stinky, but what can you expect, kinda like sitting by the water in Santa Monica off the pier I suppose. 

Typical me above.. Carrying a laptop.

This was the dock that our hotel had. We had to cross the big body of water to get to the main part of Venice. We were on our own little island. The guy on the gondola said that its made up of 120 small islands. Fun Fact! I was pretty amazed.

Our gondola. Such memories. Probably the only time Ill ever ride a real one. The price on one is ridiculous. For a 20 minute ride it was almost 200 bucks. So dumb. It fits 4 people, 50 bucks each if you break it down.. a little less.. I don't remember what the exact price, but it was such a rip off! But when you go to Venice its like you HAVE TO RIDE A GONDOLA!! I cried a little on that ride too..

 Did you know that Cassanova had a home? The picture below is his house! 

If I could go back I would in a heart beat. NOT IN AUGUST! August was really really hot and super packed with tourist. Pick pocket-ers out for the "season". Venice is pretty expensive anyway, and it seems like the prices were bumped up since it was in season. It was all worth it thou. 

I can still hear the water hit against the walls. My first sunset in Italy. I had a surreal moment for sure that day. Venice was always a dream of mine to go. I finally went. When he told me we were goin there, I about cried. I am forever grateful and experienced such a romantic city with him. It passed the romance that Paris had.. When we went to Paris together, it was more magical. Venice was the definition of romance. *sign*

I hope the Lord blesses you with the time to travel. It took me till my adult life to actually get out of the country... I always thought that Las Vegas had it all. I had been to Paris, New York and got to ride in a gondola all by living in Las Vegas. Although Las Vegas does a great job of the mimic, its nothing close to the real deal. 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pink and Gold for Fall

Ive been sticking with liquid liner lately for my daily looks. I leave BH Cosmetics responsible for that. Their liquid liner is so fine point and I love that the tip of the pen is firm. Its like a fine felt marker! Check it out, you might love it like me.

 As for the lashes, I'm wearing velour lashes in TDotOhh. These mink lashes are so natural looking and flirty. I tend to get asked if they are my real lashes! 'Complete me' lashes are a must!

For the eyeshadow, I just used a natural soft brown color in my crease and used 'Sushi Flower' eyeshadow from MAC. 'Pure Show' glitter liquid liner from MAC as well! The bottom lash line is a perfect place to set off a look from boring to FUN! You could have added any color really, but me, I love glitter and usually grab it over any color! LOL

The lips are my favorite part! Its REBEL lipstick by MAC. One of my all time favorite lipsticks. For the summer you can wear it by itself and for fall you can add a deeper lip liner to really get into that fall feel! Dark and Vampy!

If you love your pinks, try this look out! Make it your own!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Complimentary Colors Green & Pink

I got some new lighting and an external flash! So here is what my make up posts will be looking like! You like!? 

BH Cosmetics sent me over the Day and Night palette! COMING SOON! As you guys know I love their palettes. This particular palette has this awesome matte green that I used generously on my eyelid. My whole look is done with this palette! Its a must have. Shimmer and matte mixed in the palette. Follow Bh Cosmetics on twitter for an update when to get your hands on this palette!

As for the lips. I used Mac's Creme Cup lipstick. The finish is a "creme sheen" which is just like it says, creamy! Im not too much into the natural pinks, but with my foundation color in NC42 from MAC, I feel that this color goes well with my skin color as well as be even brighter for lighter skin colors!

 The feathery wispy lash really make this look come together. the bold eyes are softened with the lash and makes for a more subtle look. The lashes are from Miss Adoro Lashes. #43. These would also be great for a simple cat eyeliner look.

I was getting a little lost with playing with Aperture so I made this picture below. I love a high contrast black and white picture!!

I hope you enjoyed the new way that I am posting my make up looks! Also, I started an account on MAKEUPBEE. You will find a mini poster on the right column of this blog. Follow me there for more looks!! All products are listed with those looks as well!!