Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giving away Velour Lashes!

Please be sure to follow the rules listed in the description box of the actual video!

Good LUCK!

Daily Inspiration

Here is just a little blog post to say hello and fill the void of "writing" I love blogging and find tons of inspiration from writing! I found this pic on facebook of Erykahs Fan page.. Mosdef and her are hip hops finest. If you dont know, the introduction to my BMCs is a song from Blackstarr, MosDefs voice is my intro ;)

I just love her. Her music her style and just her outlook on life.. Her infamous tweet "They sleep we grind" is my all time favorite and I haven't seen her tweet that in forever! If I had time for more shopping and time to cruise the thrift stores, Id always imagine my look being similar to hers.. Erykah Badu, you're my inspiration!

Heres a little screen shot from my last BMC..  Below is the video!

My children are my inspiration at the end of the day no matter what. I think as we all grow up and look back, we can reflect and hopefully change what we don't like. Yesterday is the day you shoulda started that change.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blindfold Makeup Challenge w JulieG713

Here is a fun one for you! JulieG713 and myself did the BLINDFOLD MAKE UP CHALLENGE. A video that has gone viral in the beauty community and I agree, quite fun! I love exercises like this in life anyway. Makes you realize how much you take for granted that you are able to see, feel, smell and hear. I hope you got to see these videos, if you haven't, here ya go!

And here's JulieG713 video! I did her make up blindfolded!

These videos are always a blast to do. "Tag" videos are a fun way to bring all of the beauty community together and get along. Meant to be fun and is great to network! Julie was a great sport and a dear friend, so doing this particular tag was extremely bonding because in a way, you need to trust the person to be in your BUBBLE!!


Friday, August 17, 2012

We can't talk about money...

I don't know where to start, but lets just say that I have one or a thousand comments asking on how I save for my trips. We all know it's an expensive trip when traveling to Europe. Shit, from Vegas to Florida is even expensive. Now think about adding 2 kids to the mix. Thats like a down payment on a house. 
Now, since I've been in the social network, shared my life and travel experiences, the question of money is always brought up. To start, I know that the majority of my viewers are young. High School and College students. Im assuming that those are the ones asking the questions. I am also assuming that the ones asking are those that have a ton of shit on their plate and feel that they have no hope. I am not in high school, not a college student and I am finally out of the huge hole I was once in. I would probably think the same thing at one point in my life when I could barely afford to clothe myself. The point that I am trying to make here is that it takes time. A good job and a little bit of Kharma. I never left the country until this year!! I won't break down how much I save or put a number on the costs.. Thats too much for people to handle. But you can assure yourself that I don't splurge on dumb stuff. I don't go out to eat and nor do I spend money the way I would like to. I work a full time job as well as work on youtube! I am a make up artist who does freelance as well! I find ways to make ends meet. 

Traveling was always on my to do list. I just finally met someone to travel with and he happens to live on that side of the world. I feel safe with him and I am even more happy that he is the man that I love and I get to grow rich in the soul with him while we travel and see new things!

Tomorrow is not promised. 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

International Love

I have been quite the jet setter this year. With having a boyfriend over the pond, I have no choice! Sharing my traveling adventures with you one video at a time. I am very fortunate to travel and since I have been, I have stopped buying useless things and saving for trips! I hope you get the chance to travel and richen the soul. 

this shot is at the top of the building in Parc Guell. What an awesome building. Creativity at its best!

(above) This is what made me smile the most. Street art in Barcelona!

(Above) This is a must!! You must put this on your bucket list! Playa illetes in Formentera.

Venice is the most magical place that I have seen so far. I do not suggest that you guys go in August due to the humidity and how packed it is, but wow, what an amazing place to go! I suggest that you don't wear heels in Venice! So many cobblestones! 

This picture is seconds after we had gotten into the water taxi. I cried within that taxi ride.. I was emotional and couldn't believe what was happening. To be there with the man 
that I love and to be in such a magical place, it was just perfect. 

We ate at this spot. It was Peruvian and Japanese fusion, wow!! Was so yummy and the Mediterranean fish in all the food was so yummy!!

I had a wonderful time and if you have any questions about traveling or if I missed any detail then feel free to ask below in the comments!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Glossybox July 2012


What did you guys think of this months Glossybox? Hit and miss sometimes! I really love when they put creams in the box! My favorite might be the heel cream this month but will have to try them all out to be for sure!!

Peace Love and LIPGLOSS