Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vegas BaBy

First of all Id like to share the Project runway palette that I snagged from the drug store! I love the green emerald color! I smoked out my eye using that sponge applicator as much as I could before I went in with the blending brush! I love the colors in that little quad and was impressed with the color pay off!

Below is the DJ Vice birthday dinner at Lavo. Love Love Love Angela (Vice wife) and save my nights out for when she is in town! I always meet the best of people whenever Im out with her and realize that there aren't as many shady people in Vegas as I thought! If you are ever in the area, try and catch a VICE set!



  1. Okay kids, here a little math problem for ya's! 3a+4=13, a= What! Have the answer on the next BMC. Point taken Marissa, I understand. I really do appreciate all the trouble you go through sharing this great vlog series and I pray for Joser safe journey and you guys reuniting again some day. From Arville & Flamingo, Des here-Party On!

  2. beautiful look! always so gorgeous.

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