Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opal Eyes

Here is one of my favorite combos when it comes to the eyes. The techniques is so simple and the complete look takes only 2 eyeshadows!Taking any eyeshadow that has a pearl finish is awesome to make a simple look POP! PLUM and BLACKBERRY from Madison Street Beauty..

The placement:
All over the lid with a fluffy brush, take blackberry all the way to the crease fading it to the brow. With the same brush take Plum pigment to the whole eyelid.. You may also just place Plum over the iris of the eyes to make the look more "smokey"

As for the lips, I kept it very simple. "Creme Cup" from MAc is my "go to" for all of the looks where the eyes is the focus! Lashes are #43 from Miss Adoro

Foundation: Stila "Stay all day"

I hope you loved and give it a try! 



  1. I want ur hair -_- ! I want it!


  2. I just love your hair, darling. Any thoughts about any shampoo commercials in the near future? You'd be perfect.

  3. I've seen you wear a similar look to this before in the delaghetto vlogs or when you got off of work vlogs and omg girl! IT'S ALWAYS SO NICE! Did you really just use two shadows? I ask because it looks like you used an inner corner color and a soft brown. Please do a tutorial on THIS look! Thanks Rissy Rosaaay

  4. Love the eye shadow... did you make a video on it? i would love to see it