Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day of the Dead/Sugar Skull Makeup


It's that time for Halloween! Here is my first look for youtube this year that has to do with dressing up! I have never done a sugar skull but always wanted to! I am a fan of painting my face since it's cheaper than the costumes out there! I used the BH Cosmetics day and night palette for this whole look!! 

Above is the video just in case you missed it! Id love for you to send me your look if you try this out on my Facebook!

The headband is a black bow with netting attached to it. I found it on sale at Bebe a year back, I knew I would need it someday!
The lace long sleeve was bought at Forever 21 a couple years ago as well! I guess I never throw anything away! I always find some way to reuse and revamp old clothing!



  1. Whoa! I assume you were on your way to a scary custom party, darling. Pretty cool. Just no sacrifices, now. MmmmmKay?

  2. i tried something similar last year! but i love your choice of colors wayyyyy wayyy better ! lol