Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Best Friends Wedding

This blog is very special to me. My best friend in the whole entire universe, finally tied the knot! I don't have many close friends, so you can imagine the joy that this day brought to me. Tammy, the girl who I have told all of my secrets to, had braces with, got into innocent trouble with, popped pimples on our faces together and all these years, have still laughed at the same silly things. This woman has become a wife and a damn good wife. I commend her for that and am so proud of the woman that she has become. To be able to know a girl in her prime teen years all the way on to her adult years is indescribable.  

Although I am "supposed" to a "beauty guru", this post will surpass any post about hair, make up or whatever new product out on the counter. Life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey to get to the destination. And this, this was the best day of her life and I was there to witness it.

Below are some pictures from the special day. The day before her beautiful wedding in Laguna Beach, she had a gathering at her house for some appetizers and cocktails. A private dinner with just family to set the most intimate energy..

This is what I got from Tammy. A huge basket full of goodies! And here is for the beauty lovers, A CLARSONIC!!  I love it! Best freaking tool ever! The week before I arrived to Cali, Tammy text me asking me how I washed my face at night. Last thing I thought was that she was actually out getting me one! 

Experiencing such an intense moment in 2 peoples life really opened my eyes. I hope that you have gotten to go thru this in your life and/or have been able to marry that special someone for you. Either way, it is to be the best day of that persons life, no doubt, this was the best day of hers. I love you Tammy. Our friendship will tower over any other relationship that I have with anyone else. Forever Friends. 


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  1. Gee Wiz, daarling; was the liquor that strong it made you make such a look. ( ha-ha ) Hope you had a great time celebrating your bud's wedding. You both have lovely smiles. So! Buca's Italian restaurant on East Flamingo & Paradise. Best Pizza in the valley- you got the #! You, Your folks, the kids, Joser. MY TREAT.