Friday, August 17, 2012

We can't talk about money...

I don't know where to start, but lets just say that I have one or a thousand comments asking on how I save for my trips. We all know it's an expensive trip when traveling to Europe. Shit, from Vegas to Florida is even expensive. Now think about adding 2 kids to the mix. Thats like a down payment on a house. 
Now, since I've been in the social network, shared my life and travel experiences, the question of money is always brought up. To start, I know that the majority of my viewers are young. High School and College students. Im assuming that those are the ones asking the questions. I am also assuming that the ones asking are those that have a ton of shit on their plate and feel that they have no hope. I am not in high school, not a college student and I am finally out of the huge hole I was once in. I would probably think the same thing at one point in my life when I could barely afford to clothe myself. The point that I am trying to make here is that it takes time. A good job and a little bit of Kharma. I never left the country until this year!! I won't break down how much I save or put a number on the costs.. Thats too much for people to handle. But you can assure yourself that I don't splurge on dumb stuff. I don't go out to eat and nor do I spend money the way I would like to. I work a full time job as well as work on youtube! I am a make up artist who does freelance as well! I find ways to make ends meet. 

Traveling was always on my to do list. I just finally met someone to travel with and he happens to live on that side of the world. I feel safe with him and I am even more happy that he is the man that I love and I get to grow rich in the soul with him while we travel and see new things!

Tomorrow is not promised. 



  1. you tell em girl.

    NO ONE has any right to be judging what you do with your life.

    you are awesome :)
    love you x a billion + 1

  2. i believe that money is not an issue if you want to do something. you can always find a way to get them. how much you earn has nothing to do with it. i know people who earn loads and can barely save anything, but on the other hand there are poeple with limited budget who will always find a way to treat themselves. you just have to learn how to prioritise things. i wish i had someone to travel with so enjoy it for as long as you can. you are really blessed. its so much better to invest in holiday than silly material things.

    but on the real i was curious takes me a while to spend a trip to san francisco and im 4 hours its all good girl..i always tell my babydoll i would love to travel and see the world..but travel takes money..thats real shit..
    maybe later down the road..

  4. your travels inspire me, marissa! i grew up overseas and have been to more places than most people have but i still feel like i havent seen enough, i really appreciate you showing your trips to europe. god bless and keep doing what you do! -samantha

  5. Love this!! I think we are all capable of traveling and experiencing something different but it does take time. I'm saving all my pennies to be able to travel and take my 6 yr old out to explore new adventures. You are truly an inspiration! xoxox

  6. This post gave me a bit of hope. I'm a university student who helps out w/ the financials at home as things are pretty tight. I haven't been on a trip since I was a kid & travelling anywhere in this world would be a dream come true for me. This post gives me hope to finish my studies, start working full time, & that I can reward myself w/ a cool trip too in the near future :-P