Thursday, August 16, 2012

International Love

I have been quite the jet setter this year. With having a boyfriend over the pond, I have no choice! Sharing my traveling adventures with you one video at a time. I am very fortunate to travel and since I have been, I have stopped buying useless things and saving for trips! I hope you get the chance to travel and richen the soul. 

this shot is at the top of the building in Parc Guell. What an awesome building. Creativity at its best!

(above) This is what made me smile the most. Street art in Barcelona!

(Above) This is a must!! You must put this on your bucket list! Playa illetes in Formentera.

Venice is the most magical place that I have seen so far. I do not suggest that you guys go in August due to the humidity and how packed it is, but wow, what an amazing place to go! I suggest that you don't wear heels in Venice! So many cobblestones! 

This picture is seconds after we had gotten into the water taxi. I cried within that taxi ride.. I was emotional and couldn't believe what was happening. To be there with the man 
that I love and to be in such a magical place, it was just perfect. 

We ate at this spot. It was Peruvian and Japanese fusion, wow!! Was so yummy and the Mediterranean fish in all the food was so yummy!!

I had a wonderful time and if you have any questions about traveling or if I missed any detail then feel free to ask below in the comments!



  1. How do you save for your trips and approximately how much money do you save before a trip?

    1. When i have a time for my trip, I really buckle down and save.. I find that saving a big bucket of change is a nice little chunk of money! I save my pay checks for sure! I try and not touch them!

  2. you have become my favorite youtuber slash beauty guru slash blogger slash super woman :) i enjoy catching up with you on the world wide web. thanks for sharing your life with us. <3 uuuuuu xoxo

  3. Way Cool ! Para sailing ! Looks a lot more exciting than jumping off the Stratosphere, I'll say. Thanks for sharing this European adventure and tell your squeeze he is one lucky man. Peace out !!

  4. So fortunate to travel, you look so beautiful in all your pictures! :)

  5. I felt so emotional too! watching you in this BMC love how you have found love and are in a great place in life. Thank you very much for sharing part of your life with us. Your boyfirend is so lucky to be with someone with a BIG HEART who strangers find very intresting and have fell in love with her too!- Love you Marrisa

  6. Hi Riss Rose, Can you tell me the name of the hotel you stayed at in Venice? That garden looks amazing. I am planning my 2nd trip to Europe and your vlogs have helped me decide which cities to visit this time around. Thank you!!

  7. All this really made me cry.... seeing you so happy and having the time of your life. So happy for you!!!