Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giving away Velour Lashes!

Please be sure to follow the rules listed in the description box of the actual video!

Good LUCK!

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  1. gorgeous;;

    yay i looove all of your giveaways girl! uber excited for this one because it pretty much suites my upcoming event purrrfectly!

    i'm officially engaged (it's even on facebook, so you know it's legit) && my engagement party will be on october 1st) and i have been contemplating getting eyelash extensions from the salon I work at because I realllllllly want my eyelashes popping out to their maximum potential that night. that's when I came across this post, and googled Velour Lashes, and am definitely leaning towards these as they are so highly recommended by you && let's face it if the queen of lashes herself recommends them, they goooootttaaa be legit ;)

    I've subscribed via facebook (@feliciamariexx) twitter (@ricamariexx) and youtube (@BabyRica_xO) on all of their pages letting them know my story, && am leaving a comment here to tell you!
    Thank you for your consideration && best of luck to all the lovely ladies!!!

    xox rica xox