Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daily Inspiration

Here is just a little blog post to say hello and fill the void of "writing" I love blogging and find tons of inspiration from writing! I found this pic on facebook of Erykahs Fan page.. Mosdef and her are hip hops finest. If you dont know, the introduction to my BMCs is a song from Blackstarr, MosDefs voice is my intro ;)

I just love her. Her music her style and just her outlook on life.. Her infamous tweet "They sleep we grind" is my all time favorite and I haven't seen her tweet that in forever! If I had time for more shopping and time to cruise the thrift stores, Id always imagine my look being similar to hers.. Erykah Badu, you're my inspiration!

Heres a little screen shot from my last BMC..  Below is the video!

My children are my inspiration at the end of the day no matter what. I think as we all grow up and look back, we can reflect and hopefully change what we don't like. Yesterday is the day you shoulda started that change.



  1. I just love this post. I wholeheartedly enjoy when you give your opinion and share whatever is on your mind. I do take your advice to heart. The more you share the better. And no joke, I made a private post on tumblr about who I want to become and my list of goals. And within that list I included to be more like Marissa... creative, adventurist, social, and confident. A lot of women on youtube have changed my outlook on life , but among them all I love you the most. I seriously think your advice is bullet proof, so here's to dodging bullets and no sleep.

  2. I second that ! BMC 34, EXCELLENT. As always,- Big Des Checking in for my weekly RissRose 2 fix, I'm addicted to watching this fascinating woman, Marissa. Good to see Bo Bear came back home to you folks and to celebrate this special occasion, I 'll send ya a little something in the mail. Thanks again for sharing.