Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blindfold Makeup Challenge w JulieG713

Here is a fun one for you! JulieG713 and myself did the BLINDFOLD MAKE UP CHALLENGE. A video that has gone viral in the beauty community and I agree, quite fun! I love exercises like this in life anyway. Makes you realize how much you take for granted that you are able to see, feel, smell and hear. I hope you got to see these videos, if you haven't, here ya go!

And here's JulieG713 video! I did her make up blindfolded!

These videos are always a blast to do. "Tag" videos are a fun way to bring all of the beauty community together and get along. Meant to be fun and is great to network! Julie was a great sport and a dear friend, so doing this particular tag was extremely bonding because in a way, you need to trust the person to be in your BUBBLE!!



  1. What in God's Kingdom do you two lovely looking daaarlings think you are doing to each other here? Sakes. Anyways! I had wanted to see you over at the Mandalay Bay Place ( mini Maaaaaalll) but apparrently I was a bit too late to catch ya, Marissa. I can't tell you how dissapointed I was. BUT! I did win $ 166.50 down stairs at the casino's sports book during the Titan's & Cards football game. Well just let's us know if where you and the gang are going to be soon; the pizza is on me. Toodles, daarling. Desmond

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