Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blogging from my phone!

So I decided to get my phone up to date with my blog! I'm leavin the country next week and I want to be able to still post to my social networks at the palm of my hands if time allows..

Not sure how the layout is gonna turn out.. I attached 3 photos from my phone and added them here.

First pic is a screen shot of BMC #31. I love writing little journal entries at the end of my videos :) I'm glad I got such a positive feedback!!

Second pic is of my new gel manicure! LoL

Third pic makes me wanna cry. I had to get the girls new hangers today!! They don't fit onto these little kid hangers anymore :((((( my babies are getting too big!!! NOOOOOO

I HOPE THIS WORKS!! CROSSING FINGERs!!! The pictures probably won't even be in order, watch..


  1. i love this quote, it is so inspirational

  2. Good to see you on Blogger.
    I loooove all your posts.
    Your babies ARE getting big. But so adorable.

  3. aw so sweet. those hangers are too cute, i remember having barbie ones when i was a youngin.
    btw, you called it, pictures are out of order. ha =p

    xox rica