Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I need a new Vlogging camera!!


As you all know I am using a hand me down camera from the lovely itsjudytime.. Its the most beat up thing ever, but it is so small and compact! It works great! I think it is time to get a new camera! I am debating on which to get.. I think this one might be it!! Wanna be twinsies!?

I really want the green 110 Hs but this 320 looks like it could be a better investment!
What do you think!? Of course the inner me wants the 520 hs...

But this bad boy has only 10 mega pixels... both are an upgrade to 1080p though! so yay for that for the Vlogs!!

Peace Love and Lipgloss


  1. I want a new camera too, but honestly I don't think I need one, I have a Canon Powershot SD 3500 IS, I mean I know I can google it, but I was wondering if any of your friends like it or use and if its good for vlogs? Thanks Marissa!

  2. How do you make videos while driving?
    The quality of your vlogs are actually great

  3. I am looking into these too. Let me know which one you decide to get please. I want the 110 HS because of the 16 mega pixels but the 520 for the 12x optical zoom. So I am still thinking...

  4. Marissa!! Hey girl its laysee from YouTube! Hey I am coming to Vegas next weds and Thursday..I would love to meet u if u r available..let me know..thanks!

  5. Hello Daaaarling. How's(are)things? I'm getting used to the Vegas summer heat that's coming. I am hoping to find out more about the 4G smart phone from Verizon with the built in cam-corder so I can finally catch some good memories here in Vegas to share with with "fam" & friends. I'' probably head over to Macy's to catch Joser. I'll let ya folks know when I get hooked up. From the Arts District @ downtown, Desmond here. PEACE OUT !