Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So here it is.. My take on saving and spending.

I am such a victim sometimes.. I am a huge lover of instant gratification! I AM! But what I tend to do is.. Well, here's a scenario...

Let's just say I'm at Forever 21. I see a couple things that I like right away. I pick them up, and walk around with them while I look around. Now, buy the time that I have gotten to the fitting room, 3 things happen: A. I am already over it and don't feel like trying anything on. B. I have forgotten that I had picked it up or C. I haven't stopped thinking about this shirt and all the things I can wear it with!" With all that being said, if choice A OR B happens, it's so not worth my 20 bucks and I can get some gas for my car. I can also save it, put that 20 bucks in paper form and put it in my secret stash for those new sneakers I wanted. I feel that when I physically see my paper accumulate, I feel like Im doing a good job! I feel like I can see, touch and physically save vs. keeping numbers in my bank account. Ya know!?

Same thing goes for Walgreens or any drug stores... I tend to go straight to the cosmetic section with my basket.. pick out everything that I wanted... And by the time I get to the counter, I have taken out the 2 things that I have really wanted and I end up apologizing to the person upfront, "Sorry I don't want these anymore!"

This one is crucial. STARBUCKS. BUYING LUNCH EVERYDAY ON BREAK. Things of that nature will tally up a monthly expense for sure!! Think about it. 5-10 bucks a day during a 5 day work week. We are talking 100-200 bucks a month. I know a whole lot that I can get with that. 2 months of saving from daily spending and I got myself a 400 dollar shopping spree. Some designer shoes, a spa day, a PLANE TICKET. I mean to each their own, if you'd rather have your coffee and lunch out everyday, then go for it! I love eating out!! Its all peoples preference really. Im here to share my view... But by packing a lunch at home and making coffee at home, you have saved yourself a pretty penny. Sometimes we don't have time to make lunch and coffee at home, but plan ahead and make time... We have all learned to go with "the easy way" to do things. LAZY. Hence, FAST FOOD. Which leads to all the obesity in this country. It's disgusting.

Go on and save! For example, I love coffeemate hazelnut creamer! But there was a coupon for INTERNATIONAL creamer. Saving a dollar! Also I use OPTI FREE for my contact solution, there was a coupon for a dollar off on another brand! So little substitutions like that will also save you a pretty penny on your next grocery shopping bill.

This one is also huge. Saving electricity. Unplugging things that do not get used everyday. For example, I unplug my juicer and coffee maker after each use.. Silly things like that work. Turning off the heater/ air conditioner. I am so cold all the time. I wear sweats around my house vs. turning on the heater like I want to.

I know the things I am talking about can apply to everyone. We are all different in what we like to spend our money on!! Sometimes I don't wanna save my money and I just buy stupid stuff. Trust me, I can spend 100 bucks in CVS in a heartbeat. If that type of stuff makes you happy, GO FOR IT! Sometimes I just need a little retail therapy! And sometimes that retail therapy sets me further away from purchasing nice things. This blog post isn't for the girl who enjoys spending her money on a ton of make up, this is for the girl that wonders how she can buy the expensive shoes and travel to far away places. Get your priorities straight and do the dreaded, "BUDGET" we all hate it, but if you want what others have, you gotta buckle down and save. I mean sometimes I'll eat rice and beans all week just so I can go out to spend on eating out or buy some new clothes. Ya see, a little give and take.

Some of us out there make more money than others. That's when it gets easier for those girls to be able to spend more and more often. Let them. Please do not comment or ask questions on that. I have seen so many gurus get shit from viewers about how they always shop and spend money. Know this, that is the style of their channel. Some channels love the "haul" style. Leave that channel to the girls who like to shop. Also, realize that the reason why these gurus do hauls is to give ideas and share purchases. Isn't that what us girls like to do! Go shopping and share it with each other!? I'd really like to see the negative comments stop. Youtube can have its harsh comments, but there is more positive then negative, or else gurus wouldn't have such a strong following. Ya feel me?

This blog post is not only about me, but about all of us women as a whole. (yes some of you men too) Be more positive and happy for each other. They doin their thang, let em. They shouldn't bother you.

So, to conclude this blog post, if you are the one that wants to travel and think its impossible, start saving. Groupon, travelocity, living social and sites like that always offer some type of package... And Im sure once you get your wings on and made your first flight, when you come back home, you'll wanna save even more for your next departure.

Till next time.



  1. love it!! I too am the same way by the time I.browse I realize im so over it nd save my $$ instead! thanx for ur perspective on spending!

  2. GIrl, you know what's up. Keep the momentum! Can't wait for the next video!

  3. well said let me go cut the heat down before i get another 300bill O_o

  4. I love this. People don't realize how much they spend on small everyday things. A single purchase may not cost a lot, but it definitely adds up. I was getting Dunkin Donuts 5 days a week for breakfast, and I added it up and realized that I could be saving about $100/month. I bring breakfast with me now, and it's been nice knowing I have money to spend elsewhere. :)

  5. I'm the same way about getting so many things and I end up not buying everything except maybe for 1 0r 2 items! Thanks for all this info woman you ROCK!

  6. This post/blog was very inspirational. I actually have done most of what you said. Like the one about forever21. I've shopped in a store, walked around, then checked the items in my cart. Then I tell myself 'eh, no need for this anymore' or perhaps wait for a better deal/sale to come. Also, having/finding coupons is a way I save. I'm a mom too and saving can be difficult at times. I am actually trying to prevent myself from using credit cards this year.

  7. Hello Darling, My stay here at U.S. Veterans Initiative has teached me to be a whole lot more disipline and practical when it comes to "having the urge to instant self gratification" and to think a bit more realistic by living within our means. Terribles Oil pays me fairly well, but there's no such thing as job security anymore. Your input about the rewards of considering on other alternatives is diffidently true: Don't live in the fast lane and watch your "speed limit" mom always used to tell me. Thanks for the tip for Have a good one!

  8. I try to save money as much as I can. I don't by tones of cosmetics, I switch off everything when I don't use it etc... Basicly I try to save money on a small everyday things.

    Take care
    Your follower from Poland :)