Monday, February 6, 2012

New videos and some JUUUUUICE

So it's been a new habit of mine to post 2 videos a week. 1 that is a vlog (Beats of an MC) and 1 that is beauty related! I love doing the vlogs now, but I understand that my channel is beauty and I love make up, so I'm having my cake and eating it too!! If you do watch my videos, please make sure to give those videos a thumbs up! Thank you!

Beats of an MC #15

In other news! I am so energized today! I had my juice early this morning! Only using half an apple, 4 carrots, half cucumber, kale and a stick of celery!



  1. Hi! I love watching your vlogs & beauty videos! Because of you I just recently bought a juicer. :) What are some of your favorite combination to juice? I'm just getting started so I'm really interested in what juices well and what doesn't and what tastes the best.

  2. I decided to make juices too!! Thank you for inspiration!! :)

    1. I agree, I sure do miss my old Jack O Lane Power juicer that I used to mix up fruit drinks with back home in Michigan. By the way, darling, I just seen your "no lipstick on Valentine Day" and I would also have to agree that kissing like that in public wouldn't be such a good idea. You did an awesome demonstration proving your point.HAHA HAhAHA! Your eyes and smile is so lovely. Your boyfriend is a lucky man. In fact, I am jealous ! Tell the twins Big Des said " hala!" Later!

  3. Hello daarling, Just caught the latest BMC # 16 Vlog. Thanks for sharing the cool footage of what used to be the "former residence of the Flintstones" Great job. By the way, you can get a free Hersey candy bar with every Terrible's car wash purchase where I work. 8123 Las Vegas Blvd, (way) South @ Windmil Lane. You have such a exciting life, Marissa and I really do appreciate the work you do for us all. God Bless.

  4. Hey, Big Des here again. A quick editorial correction for the man who started it all.*Mr Lalanne* (oops). My pal KuKoo laughed at me when mistakely mispronounced Jack's last name. Anyways I went to my buddy's house over on Desert Inn Road today and we juiced pears, oranges, strawberries and melon. I feel amazingly energic. Now I can jog to & from work. Thanks for the inspiration, Marissa

  5. WhAT!! you got to go camel riding on the beeeaaaon-ch while in Dubai? Awwwe, now I am really JEALOUS !!!!!!!!. Well. Maybe in the next life. You did take video footage of course, Right? Can't Wait to see it. Later!

  6. So Whatta ya say folks!?! Can we all be pals or what!? Come on daaaarling! Say yes and you and the family there can come over for my house warming bar be que get together over on 1 St Street & Gass, downtown.

  7. Awesome Marissa ! My stay here at U.S. Vets Las Vegas is much more tolerable thanks to me being blessed to see your beauty and outgoing personality you put into these excellent vlogs and your coverage of last week's European trip was incredible. Thanks a lot, Daaarling. Where do you think you might travel to next? Perhaps Australia, huh? Just don't try to ride a kangeroo's stomach pouch, MmmmmmmmKay?

  8. What kind of juicer do you have??? I need one! :)