Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 Videos in one day!?

Was on a bit of a roll today!! Posted a tutorial for all my make up lovers and a BMC for my viewers that love my vlogs!!! 2 birds with one stone!

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  1. Hi Riss! I've been watching you for about a year now & I'm stoked you're back from your hiatus! Your girls are so beautiful & by my observation, you're setting them up to be happy, loving, independent individuals. I know you are super busy but I was wondering if you could make some videos/blog a little about your journey with the girls & how you felt when you first found out you were pregnant. Sharing your advice and insight on how you stay positive would totally make a difference in peoples' lives who are going through what you had and are going through. Thanks for being so open & sharing a little part of your life!