Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am so pleased to be sharing my experience with you from this social! Not to mention I am listening to some Common. Earphones in and I'm feeling the funk. Gotta love hip hop. Back to the subject. I was invited to speak on the Youtube panel of this event. Very honored to say the least. There were several panels and this on consisted of JulieG713, Xsparkage, Wendy and myself... Although there was a miscommunication of our time on stage, it was very fun to speak my piece of mind and hear what else my fellow gurus speak. Freestylin. Raw.

Below: Cdiorme, DulceCandy87, myself, MacNC40, QueenofBlending, Xsparkage and JulieG713

Below: I love the events that I am able to attend. All of the beauty community connecting and being silly. I love to hang with those who don't give a fuck as much as some. It's such a catty world in the beauty world of youtube and I don't think that some of you/us realize that it's not all that serious.

Below: The bag on the very end I WANT!!!! Ahhh! I wanna swap Suzy!!

Below: Dulces shoes are so cute! She said she got them from Wild Pair. Her little feet! Mine are on the right. YSL nude pumps.

Below: Billy B! I love his story. What an amazing individual.

Below: Kandee!!

Below: Talk about dedication. I got to meet this girl. Christine. AKA Temptalia. This chick is so dedicated to her blog as well as her boyfriend. I admire her ambition and the wave that she continues to ride. I am very grateful to be apart of socials including individuals such as this wonderful blogger!

Below: I asked Joel to join me for the social. I thought it would be great to get my other half of my second channel in the mix! He's fun anyway and I knew all the ladies wouldn't mind some eye candy. This picture is of one of my girls on instagram..

Below: This picture is my fav. It just shows how many laughs are shared between some of us. It's all fun. Smiling is the key to being beautiful.


I hope you all enjoyed my pictures!! Leave me comments! Love Love Love reading them!
Much love to all that support me and to those that just support themselves as a whole. The most beautiful thing in life is to be able to be happy and smile.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

My new Juicer!

How excited am I to share this with you all!? My breville!! It was $150 at Bed Bath and Beyond! GET ONE! You will love life and love yourself more after feeling so good! I am not just juicing fruits, I am juicing fruits and veggies together....

below: Here is one juice that I made for the kids and I after school. They loved it! The leafy lookin stuff is called Kale. It's really good for the skin, but don't add too much, it's got a kick to it! Of course make sure you peel and cut off ends of carrots. Clean all food in warm water.

Below: Lots of apples adds for a fruit punch taste! Kids can't tell the veggie taste!

Below: This is where I found out that too much Kale makes your juice too spicy! Maybe cut the stems off kale and you should be ok. 2 gala apples and some strawberries are yum! Half a lemon well cut the taste of any green veggies.

Below: Jose had a wonderful idea. Take our juice and add it to a blender with ice and a banana! Makes it like a smoothie! Banana is so powerful in my opinion! MY FAVORITE!

I just love that pic. HAHA

Any great recipes you like?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DulceCandy wedding w friends and FukuburgerLA


This is a delayed blog post, but I wanted to fill you guys in on what has been happening in my life. I love when the people I share my life with, do great things. Most importantly I get to share these moments with them. Here is one special moment.. My dear friend Dulce. You all know her as DulceCandy87 on Youtube, but this day, she was just another girl, celebrating life with the man she loves. Sharing it with close friends and family.

Below: Chris and I. Also known as @cdiorme on twitter, you can also find her on youtube!
She is ready to pop, and I loved seeing a pregnant woman with her husband enjoying themselves! She looks beautiful with her belly! I miss mine!

Below: How beautiful? On the water. A groom waiting for his bride. Sunset. Just so romantic.

Below: Me and my SUZY rockin the nude pumps. I love shoes! These are the first nude pumps! I've always wanted them and it was so difficult to find the perfect pair! I must have tried on 5 pairs of nude pumps!! These Yves Saint Laurents were meant for my feet!

Below: Here are all your favorite Youtubers! Looking gorgeous of course. As respect, I blurred her wedding dress. I asked her if it was ok, she just wants to show you all her detail and dress personally!

Since the wedding was in Cali, I had to drive out. I decided to leave a day early and see the newest with FUKUBURGERLA. You all know how much I rant about Fukuburger here in Vegas, but now I am very excited to see a store open in LA!!!! To think that the Fukuburger truck opened only a little over a year ago! Im so proud of colin and the crew! Here's a picture of the inside. HOw cool is that hand painting?

Below: I have been on this red lip trip. Ruby Woo red lips. Lipstick made by MAC. Red lips are best with thick liquid eyeliner.. In my opinion. The quickest make up too!

Below: I went to the Roosevelt one night. Beachers madhouse? It reminded me of THE BOX in NYC which I loved! Just some random odd things that happen in that spot.. LOL Like midgets that deliver your bottle while attached to a wire in the sky!? Here is a picture of a viewer! She said she knew it was me because I was wearing my Jordans! HAHA thats a true follower right there!! XOXO

Below: Simon Rex.. Oh how I used to love him on MTV.

Below: Will!!! I love this guy! Pro rugby player and might I add that he is extremely smart!? Like on another level, smart. Here he is at Beauty bar LA getting his hurr did.

Great things happen to those that are patient and work hard for it... What are some things that you could be doing different? I try to think that everyday to better my life.. Today the thought of the day was ... "Why think about the future so much when what matters is the present!?" So there I went, I started to blog.. Share my life and experience with those that care to know.

Black Strapless dress: White House Black market
Nude pumps: Saks. YSL.
Red Lips: Ruby Woo by MAC
Sneakers: Jordans


Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautylish Social!

I am so excited to see you all on Saturday! Will you be there? I will be on the panel with some of your favorite beauty gurus on Youtube as well as founders of your favorite make up brands and some make up artist!! Hope to see you there!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

This brush is AMAZING!

So I was at my girlfriend Tammy's house and she gave me this amazing brush!! It gives so much volume! WOW! This was an expensive brush from what she tells me ($60) but so worth the money! The volume I had in my hair was just awesome! I did everything the same, put spray gel and my heat protectant in my damp hair and used this brush! I am not one to spend money on my hair or brushes, but after using this brush, I am very interested in a high price range of product/tools for my hair. I think we all get that debate in our head of "is it really worth it thou!?" I know I do, but it makes a difference for sure!

Are there any other products/tools that I should know about!?
I am now interested!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I recently went out to LA to film for my second channel. "Vivathefresh" on youtube. Short and sweet trip to LA was a wear and tear on me, but have to do what I gotta do to keep the ball rolling!

Enjoy the pics!

Below: Cana. A members only bar. Located in downtown LA.

Below: O Hotel in downtown LA. What a cute idea! Simple but so CUTE!

Below: Roscoe's chicken and waffles! My first time!

Below: FINALLY got to meet Angela! You can find her in my last vlog. I have been a huge fan of DJ Vice for a while, but found myself following his fiance as well! She is full of inspiration and positive vibes!

Below: Drais Hollywood w Stan lopez.

I am hoping that those that read my blog can appreciate all that I share. I think that sharing life experiences with others can give light and maybe some hope to try new things. I never thought that I would be able to travel as much as I do now and thank God for giving me opportunity. The older I get, the more light I can see at the end of the tunnel.