Thursday, September 29, 2011



Here is a little photo diary of my trip to NYC. I had the most amazing time and I am very blessed to be able to experience a different part of the world with someone special. Enjoy my take on NYC!

Heading back to the hotel... The Setai was amazing! Must stay!

I love all of the cool "stuff" in NYC...

I had to stop by Laduree... Salted caramel macaroons are my favorite. Must try!

The line was out the door!

Sight seeing and shopping...

I wore hats a lot of the time in NYC...

Outside of broadway. Do not see Spiderman. Left 45 minutes into it..

Outfit for one of the days..
From August 14, 2011

Red velvet cupcakes were tasty here!

This place is on fifth, right in front of the library.. such good food!

I can't wait to go back someday... I love NYC.

Red hat: Wet Seal clearance rack years ago
Rose hat: Forever 21 years ago
Black heels: Christian Louboutin (Red Bottoms)
Boots: Mossy green, Last season Steve Madden
Bag: Louis V
Gry Jeans: Zara


Saturday, September 17, 2011



Here is just a little daily blog. Trying to get into the habit. Since I am an INSTAGRAM junkie, I have taken the pictures that I have posted from there and blew em up on here.

Below: My dear friend Julie, aka JulieG713 on Youtube, has sent me her nail polish line! We don't have a Rite Aid here in Vegas. Random eh? I love all these colors! The kids are even bookoo over them! I am so proud of Julie. She deserves it! You can cop these at your local Rite Aid..

From August 14, 2011

Below: For those of you just joining me. My nana is staying with me. She's in from PI and I just love having her. Spending time with my kids and just being with my only loving grandmother is an absolute blessing. I took her and the kids to eat pho the other day. What you see below is a picture of my favorite, Vietnamese coffee.. Like crack? Give this a go. If you are ever in Vegas, hit up PHO SO 1 on Spring Mtn and Decatur. You might see me there.

From August 14, 2011

Below: I went BACK TO BLACK! I said I wasn't gonna do it again and just go dark brown, but it was just so necessary. I like major change all the time. The more dramatic the change, the better. So shiny and healthy looking, a dark solid color always works best, don't you agree? I will admit, I feel a little more sexy in my skin with dark hair. YOU know you do too. Regardless, feeling sexy in your own skin is very important! Do yourself a favor and get with that program. 

From August 14, 2011

Below: Burgundy lipliner and rebel lipstick by MAC to match my custom Timmyhams. to get your own custom pair. 

From August 14, 2011

Plums and mossy green will be my choice for the fall.

From August 14, 2011

Just wanted to share a little something with you today! I hope you all have a day filled with smiles and no bitchness! Follow me on Instagram to see pics like these first hand. "Rissrose2"


Friday, September 16, 2011


I am so hyped this morning!! I don't know what it is but I am very inspired.. I thought I would just tell you guys everything on my mind.

1. When you feel like you change anything in life, are you like me and either wear dramatic make up or change your hair!? I'm going to get my hair done today. Good thing about having a sister that does hair, is that I can call her to do it at the drop of a dime! I just don't know what she is gonna do to it!

2. This morning was like crack for me. I woke up to take the childrens to school and my face was still puffy for like an hour. My sweet Lexi could tell how tired I was and she says to me "Mama, you look so awake! You don't even look sleepy! You got up quick!!" I swear my little girls make my day! I am currently sitting here blogging away as I eat a banana and coffee!! CRACK!

3. I started a new channel w Joel! For those of you who don't know who Joel is, he is someone who is inspiring me on a daily basis. Creative soul that doesn't fail to get the ideas on paper. You will love him! Just watch the first video we did together! We are planning on getting him a proper introduction so you can see that he likes long walks on the beach and such. HAHAHA. But for all the wondering minds, yes ladies, he's available, I am taking applications for this stud... NO BABY DADDY DRAMA. 

Please subscribe to our channel!

4. I am having such a great time in my life right now. I am grateful. For everything. 

5. At the moment I am listening to 90's grunge. Memories. It's nice to look back on your life and see where you have gone. the paths that you have chosen. Looking at pictures and listening to music is one of my favorite past times. I have had a very rocky road to get to where I am now and I would not do a damn thing differently. The mistakes I have made are drastic ones, but my skin is tough... No one can take that away from me. REFLECTION. Take time out of everyday and do so and give yourself a pat on the back.. You deserve it.

6. Get $30 dollars off phosphor watches! Use code RISS30 at PS. Lemme know if you order one. I wanna see what everyone picks. And send me pics! I wanna put them up!! 

7. I have a new video. A freaking tutorial. Can you believe it? I am a little obsessed with these colors and for sure the lashes by fauxlash! Take a gander.

Last but not least, my favorite app on my iphone is INSTAGRAM. Have an iphone? Get the app and follow me. I sometimes follow back. I LOVE PICTURES!!!!!!! I'm RISSROSE2 on Instagram. Get with it.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Vegas TOURIST" Sight Seeing

So today I went sight seeing.. Whenever I have company in town (which seems to be every weekend) I tend to rekindle my love for Las Vegas.. I mean, the buildings alone are just amazing. The entertainment is grade A. The food and spots to eat are for all palettes. You can either spend the minimal dollar amount or spend the big bucks!

The picture below is taken from the Eiffel Tower at Paris hotel. It costs 11 dollars per ticket, but as a local I am able to buy one get one free! When you come to Vegas, I'll split the ticket with you. HAHAHA.

I love taking my friends to this store. You might have seen me tweet about it. It's CRSVR inside of the Cosmopolitain Hotel and Casino. My favorite shoe salesman Nick Sakai, has the best stuff in his store and is my favorite to follow on twitter.

Nick actually took this picture of me while I was waiting for Joel to shop around. I love going in this store. They have a small selection for women, but ladies, great shop for your man if he is a sneaker head..

I ended the day with a trip to TOWN SQUARE outdoor mall. It's where I go to see a movie and shop. Sometimes I just take the kids so that they can play in the playground and get some Yougurtland! They also have all this artificial fake grass to lay on and have the kids play. I'm not sure if they do it anymore, but I used to take the kids on Thursday night to watch a movie on the grass. Brought a blanket and some drinks and snacks and camped out!! The shopping alone is great as well. INGLOT, MAC and SEPHORA. You know you're sold..

And how can you go sight seeing without making a stop at the Las Vegas sign?? I made the mistake of going on a Saturday. Everyone and their dog was getting married. YES, GETTING MARRIED. We are talkin' full blown ceremony. I had no idea!! I forget that Vegas is known for getting married and what a better idea than to get married at the sign... If you take the double decker tour bus, they stop by here and don't worry, Elvis is posted up waiting to charge you to take a picture with him..

I hope you guys enjoyed my little photo diary of the day!


Friday, September 2, 2011


I am finally posting pics from Miami. As I am doing so, I am missing the beach like crazy. The humidity was a little much at the time I went, but still so relaxing! I wish I could be there right now..

Here are some pics.. Mostly beach, only because that is what I mostly did!

I stayed at the Setai.

The Atlantic ocean is like bath water!!

The sun was so hot. Tried to keep my hat on the whole time for protection!

If any of you have not made it to Miami, I highly suggest going! Be a beach bum, but watch out for the jellyfish!!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011