Friday, August 26, 2011


So I'm here in Miami still.. I had a couple minutes to post a couple pictures! Hurricane Irene was supposed to attend, but didn't. I didn't invite her!! LOL Here are a couple pictures of the day that I arrived..

The picture below is from the parking garage... At the very bottom I ate at this spot called Rosa Mexicana. They make some amazing table side guacamole!!

Chicken tacos!

Here is JoEL. I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret.. We are starting a new channel! We filmed for a couple hours to get some great content for you guys! I am very hyped to get this channel on youtube! stay tuned!! Gonna be some good stuff!

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I am having an amazing time here in Miami. I have got to catch up on some sleep and have actually been able to enjoy a vacation of pure relaxation! I am so grateful...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"VegasTourist" Meeting Nani!

This post is going to be pretty special to me. I love when I can meet my viewers, but this particular viewer is one that I follow. Some of you may know that I am a huge fan of INSTAGRAM (an app on the iphone) and I follow her on it. She is always taking pictures in another city, pics of stuff she buys and of course pictures of her and her boyfriend Kaluna. She has the sweetest smile and meeting her was very exciting for me! Here are some pictures of the few hours that I got to hang...

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This picture was taken outside of food court at Fashion Show mall..

This is Nani's man. So supportive of her. It really makes me happy when viewers tell me that their boyfriends watch beauty videos with them.. That's just so awesome to me!!

Kaluna- Instagram: @Kaluna Twitter: @kaluna_

From August 14, 2011
Lorraine: @lorrrrz

Justin @jciaude

Eating in the food court at Fashion show mall. Of course Hot dog on a stick. This was a really great conversation. Lots of smiles and laughs exchanged!! I had mentioned to Nani that she start her own blog since she is such the "picture taker"! Sharing her experiences and everyday life on instagram is so interesting and I knew it would be perfect for a blog! So guess what!? She started one!!!

Read her blog and follow here:

While we were walking around the mall, I received a tweet.. A girl had seen me in walking and didn't say hi. I wish that people wouldn't be so shy. I feel that I am so approachable! Especially because I make videos and basically share a lot of my life with you! I do understand that some people are very shy, but please do not be shy with me. I don't bite....hard. LOL


Friday, August 19, 2011



So I haven't posted anything on make up really, but let's start back up! Although I do not have a tutorial for this, I will name the products I used for this look. If you are familiar with my older tutorials, you'll know that I like to leave enough out so that you can make this your own!


BASE: Preference. I used a nude color paint pot by MAC
LID: Rule by MAC
OUTER CREASE: Haux by MAC & Devil blush by MAC
INNER EYE: Naked Lunch by MAC


Do you guys like this post? Suggestions?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

" Personal Post", with some laughs..


Let's see , it's 1:39 am as I am writing this. It's my day off and I told myself that I would go to sleep early. I had some dinner, followed by some peach detox tea. Sent the kids to bed and had a wonderful conversation with my nana. (which she is now staying with me while she visits from the Phillipines) Do you know why I am still up? I will show you...

DYING> DEAD. This is just some of the pictures that I found on this wonderful website. WAOW! I mean it has everything. DIY, music, fashion, kid crafts and home stuff. All is pictures and let me tell you, I have been stuck for a couple hours. type in keyword "funny" and you will be stuck to your computer screen. I found some really cool DIY that I will try out and definitely film! I love crafting and making stuff! Get great ideas on

Id like to thank my sister for making me go on this site!


Monday, August 15, 2011

SEATTLE Touristy pics!!

Although I didn't have time to make it up to the space needle, I was able to walk around for a minute and take some pictures!! ENJOY!

So many little coffee huts.

This happened more than a dozen times. Congratz to Tim and his million subscribers!

I will definitely be back! I loved all the green and fresh air!!
...Till next time


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Judy and Benji's wedding!!


AHHHHH! What a wonderful time I had in Washington for Judy's and Benji's wedding (itsjudytime on youtube) I have never been on the Northwest other than San Fran. So beautiful! So much green! If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed how much I raved about all the green!

The wedding was beautiful. I sat with Julie and Tim (JulieG713 and Timothydelaghetto2 of youtube) The ceremony was so touching. As soon as Judy started to cry I lost it... I don't think I know another couple that deserves forever more than Judy and Benji. Both amazing people and you can tell how much they love each other!! Congratz to them both and I am so happy that I was able to witness the start to their marriage!

Enjoy the photo diary!

Last minute touch ups before we left for the wedding.. with my favorite lashes from MAC. #35. Unfortunately they are discontinued! SO SAD! I'm on a hunt!

Outside the hotel.

Guess who caught the bouquet?

Lauren! (Queenofblending) Finally got to meet her in person! I wanted to say hi to her at IMATS, but was so busy! She is so funny and could not stop the laughing with her! She did Judys make up for her big day! Judy looked beautiful and made a gorgeous bride!

Group shot.

Benji is a dancing machine!!!!!

Money dance.

The beautiful bride.

Julie and I decided to give each other MJ tattoos. Marissa and Julie!

Of course we sat at the Las Vegas table..

We all had something with sparkle and glitter! This is a combination of our belongings! Lipgloss, sparkly phone cases, the bouquet, Lauren's sparkle hoops of and Tim's spoon. HAHA!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Lots of pictures! I wish Judy and Benji the best life together as husband and wife!

Dress: White house Black Market


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Bye Las Vegas! Hello Seattle!

Good morning! I am blogging from the airport.. To kill some time. I always get here so early because I'm so paranoid that I will miss my flight! So here I be. Heading into LBC first then Seattle! I am so excited that I get to see Julie (Julieg713) again, even thou I was just with her last week! I meet Timothy (Timothy Delaghetto) in Long Beach. I'm so grateful for what Youtube has done as far as friendships. We all are flying to see our dear friends Judy (itsjudytime) and Benji (@Benjimantv on twitter) TIE THE KNOT! I'm gonna cry for sure. I have my waterproof mascara on LOCK!

I kinda threw everything in a suitcase last night and even this morning. What are some "Travel Savvy" tips you can share?




From August 11, 2011

Everytime I fly I bring a light coat. i always get so cold. NO matter if it's 110 degrees leaving Vegas. The damn airplane is pumpin out the cold air. I am grateful, but I swear I turn into an ice cube. Loose fitting clothing is always a plus as well. Of course your shoes better be easy to put on and take off, going thru the check points are always a hassle!

Happy Travels!


Monday, August 8, 2011


Here's my new video in case you missed it..

Go to the previous blog post to get the coupon code!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

LASH ROYALTY! I Can wear lashes now!


I had the pleasure of meeting with Elizabeth, owner of Lash Royalty last week while she showcased at the Palazzo! She was nice enough to send me home with some lashes and I am excited to share them with you...

My favorite are the Miss Cherie lashes! I had her double them up and they looked so nice and fun! (I posted a pic of me wearing them on my facebook) Lash Royalty is nice enough to give my viewers a coupon code for Miss Cherie lashes! Links and info at the bottom of this post..

Miss Cherie lashes are in the picture below. Top left hand corner.. Aren't they just so fun and flirty?

Elizabeth about to put some lashes on me.. Serious business..

From August 4, 2011

(Below) Here is the beautiful Elizabeth. Owner of Lash Royalty. Thank you for hooking me up and turning me on to the Revlon lash adhesive! LATEX FREE!!

Online coupon code: rissrose2

* By entering the online coupon code, you will receive free shipping via standard USPS first class mail.

* Buy 2 or more lashes and get instantly upgraded USPS Priority shipping. Valid online at and offer expires on 8/31/11. Offer valid for US shipping addresses only.