Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Westside Wednesdays!


Pick out what you're gonna eat!! I like the number 3 and add an egg!

I hope you guys can make it out to the Fukuburger Truck tomorrow!! It's Westside Wednesday at Red Handed Tattoo. Food, tattoos, music and fun! Oh, and me!

See you there!

Peace Love and Lipgloss

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tutorial: Glitter Eyeliner by EyeKandyCosmetics


Here are some still shots of the glitter pots that I chose. I am really enjoying these! I usually don't reach for glitter, but the very fine glitter pots are a great alternative for me, since I think that glitter might be a bit too much at times. Try mixing a finer glitter with a thicker one for more sparkle!!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Being Inspired.


This post might be a little different than my normal VEGAS TOURIST post or anything to do with MAKE UP, but this is my blog.. IDGAF.

I get a lot of questions asking about self esteem. It genuinely breaks my heart to read these emails and comments. Here is one piece of advice. BE INSPIRED. You may now ask me "HOW!?" Well, there are several things that you can do..

Do you like to draw? Look at magazines? Talk on the phone? Paint? Read? Listen to music? Whatever the case may be, do it. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. When a person is happy, they are more likely to accomplish and be inspired. Focus.

I am very "gung-ho" about this one. Negative, depressing people tend to bring you down. No I'm not talking about leaving your friends who are usually happy and then something dramatic happens to them and leaving them cold. Everyone goes thru something drastic and fall into a slump. Im talking about surrounding yourself with people who are driven, happy, artistic, confident and supportive. I can't tell you how important it is to be driven in life. Not every day is promised. Make it count. Being inspired on a daily basis is VERY IMPORTANT. If you are a positive person, you will be able to easily attract these types of people. Its the laws of attraction. Its like a major magnet. Put all the positive out into the universe and it will come back to you. For a second there I was kinda bummed and not as driven as I could be. I immediately called upon my friends that do well and started to get my mind right. It works, I promise.

Then there is someone who I recently let into my life. His name is Joel.( aka @inyafacemedia on twitter.) I won't go into too much detail on how me met, but his brother dates my exs sister. LOL.. Joel is such a bright soul. Always positive. Always thinking about new ideas and goals. Not to mention he makes me laugh. He's the type of person who is always coming up with new words... Changes the lyrical game.. Sometimes you're like "AHHAHA WHAT!?" I think I've seen Joel about 4 minutes in my life and that was in 1 initial meeting. LAST YEAR. I don't know what made us reconnect, but I'm glad that it did. Joel is very tech savvy with social media (owner of inyafacemedia.com) and has helped me and inspired me to look at my social media with a different perspective. A couple mornings a week I wake up to text messages from him (he lives in Florida) with some type of inspiration. Whether it be my daily stats, new ideas or even a phone call to ask me what I'm gonna grind out this week/day. Everyone needs a push. Just a little one to jump start your daily grind. (At least I do.) What makes this individual so special is that he does this to help me. I did not ask for it. Joel simply feeds off being supportive and being helpful. He is genuinely inspired by me and what I have done for myself with life and social media. From receiving that, I am driven to do better and even support him x10! Our friendship has gone from professional to straight up LEGIT. He is a major part in my support system.. Do you guys see how surrounding yourself with people like this BREEDS success? When you can vibe with someone who is driven, you validate yourself in the power to inspire someone else and possibly change their lives for the better. Be contagious.. Make a difference.

There are several people in my life that inspire me on a daily, I just wanted to mention Joel specifically. His mother recently passed away and although the times are tough for him, he is still driven and not sitting back and sulking. Most people would say "I'll try not to be" depressed, sulk or what have you. But this guy "does" and not "tries" I am very fortunate to have him in my life. Although Joel is very far away, we are on this same wave length of strive that just keeps going. It doesn't matter if your "Joel" is a girl, I just find that maybe a male/female combo works best. Point is, being inspired by another positive person.. Girls seem to be so competitive. NO!? (not all, cause I love all of you guys) I know that I always tend to gravitate towards a male friend. If you notice, I only have a few friends anyway... Today, find inspiration, and change the world. Start with you. Yourself. The one that matters most.

All words with no pictures.


A day without inspiration is like a day without sunshine.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


My first time at this spot. I always pass it because it's located across the street where I eat pho! Crawfish has never been appealing to me, but Joser has been wanting to go! Me being the team player I am, I went! They don't just have crawfish, I was able to order chicken wings and french fries for the kids and I had a pound of my favorite, CRAB LEGS!

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Peep the crawfish hanging out his mouth!

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I couldn't bring myself to try and eat a crawfish. I know I shouldn't knock it till I try it, but I just couldn't. But Joser ate the whole bag! Yes, all food is served in a bag. I suggest not wearing your best outfit. It gets pretty messy! I'm not used to cracking open my own crab legs. Usually when I order them, it's at a place where they are already cracked up and easy to eat. Here, you will really work for your food!

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After an early dinner, we all stopped by Town Square. I love this outdoor mall. When you come to Vegas, you must stop by... I've been really wanting a new piece of machine. A desktop this time. My laptop is too small for all the video I have. I have to keep putting material on an external hard drive and it's becoming a pain in the arse. I think this one is a winner.. any suggestions on a desktop??


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Vegas Tourist" Eating at SWISH...


Like playing with ya food!?

Here ya go. Another spot to eat at! Located west of the strip. Local spot. SWISH.
This was my first time here and definitely not the last time. I suggest going during the day or early dinner. I can see how this place would get pretty crowded and super hot inside! To each it's own thou.. Enjoy the pics and captions!!

(above) Ya'll should recognize this guy. Mr Fukuburger himself. This place was Colins suggestion.. I love going to eat with this guy. He knows what to order, and one is always able to get a full experience of what a good spot has to offer. I always like to try everything, and going with this guy makes it easier to order more food... Right!? LOL

(above) The kids love edamame!

Add all of above to the boiling water...

Adding ponzu sauce gives flavor..

Then you take a sliver of meat, "SWISH SWISH" in the boiling water with chopsticks and eat with rice and selected veggies from the saucepan..

Of course you can't forget mochi for dessert! We chose strawberry and chocolate!

You guys should know that I love eating. I tweet about it all the time! Most people only know about the spots located on the strip, but local Las Vegas is where it's at. Holes in the wall are the best! (not that this place is a hole in the wall)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

VIDEO: My favorites.

Here are the products that I spoke of in my last video. If you know me, I really am a creature of habit. I like to try new things, but when it comes to my beauty products, I really don't. Thank the heavens for Tammy who made me try out this face wash! As far as the cologne goes, yes, it's a men's cologne. TO DIE FOR. It's more of a musky smell but it's really light. Almost "pretty" but still masculine. I WEAR IT. No I did not go and buy a men's cologne, I smelled it on a certain someone and asked that I have the bottle to keep! HAHA I am obsessed. Turns out this bottle is only sold in Dubai, Paris and London.

Mario Badescu is to the left and Christian Diors' Bois D'Argent to the right.

New launches from MAC. I LOVE the eyeshadow to the left!! FAUX GOLD! All over the lid with that bad boy and you will look like a brazilian goddess.. The mineralized skin finish to the right will only bump up that look. Such a great look to the skin when you wear this for the summer day! It's subtle, but of course you can build on it!!

I know it's summer, I really don't care. I still rock some high top sneakers. IDGAF. I don't even know what to call this bright pink/melon color, but it's hot next to this metallic gun metal color! I dig it. Delta Force by Nike. I got these from the Nike outlet at Premium Outlets here in Vegas. have patience when go into that store. You might find a jewel.

RED BOTTOMS. Need I say more. These shoes were bought in NY from the Christian Louboutin store in Manhattan. I had my eye on these the day they came out. I saw them at the store at Palazzo Hotel in Vegas while I was all the ladies from Youtube.. I knew I would have them one day. I may be close to six feet tall in these suckers, but oh well!!!

I hope that you all enjoyed my favorites video! I know that I enjoyed making it!! Any questions, please comment! I love feedback!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

"VEGAS TOURIST" Pool Parties


So I took some of your suggestions and am posting about Vegas pool parties. Now keep in mind that there are several different ones. Just about every hotel you go to nowadays, there's some type of club scene pool party. BUT these one's are my favorites. Make sure you check them out when you come! And remember, wear sunscreen and leave the SMOKEY EYES FOR THE NIGHTLIFE LADIES!

The top of my list is

Resident DJs such as Kaskade, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki. I've also seen Afrojack and deadmau5 live from here. The club just opened last year and is one of the most beautiful pool parties I've seen. Being a local for over 15 years now, I don't really do the pool party scene that much, but if I do, this is the place that I go. Not too big or "touristy". I definitely suggest getting a cabana. It opens in the back and looks over the strip! If that is too much for your pocket, try asking for other options not to pricey! This spot is so worth it! In my opinion, it's about quality, not quantity. Wynn and Encore properties are elite in all aspects, I should know. I'm on property 3-5 times a week! (No, not because I party there.) The crowds are always live with music to match. This spot also turns into Surrender Nightclub. Click on the yellow to get more info on prices and hours of operation.

Of course it's star studded. One of the newer pool parties on the Las Vegas strip. Located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and casino, the day club has such a sexy posh feel to it's decor. A more "grown and sexy" crowd for sure!

Now this place is older, but very popular. I really like this property. Located at the Venetian. Tao Beach is on the roof and is even open during nightclub hours! In the post previously with all the beauty gurus, we had dinner at this place downstairs! One stop shop! You can do pool time during the day, enjoy dinner at night and go straight upstairs to the Tao night club!

If you have any other questions or wanna see anywhere else let me know! These were just on the top of my list! I hope you enjoyed! I'm glad to be able to be your VEGAS TOUR GUIDE.

Entertainment Capital of the World, come visit us!