Thursday, April 28, 2011

More vacation pics.


From Blogger Pictures
Palm Trees in the desert.

The River in Rancho Mirage, Ca.

From Blogger Pictures

Babe's in The River. Nothing like an ice cold beer. (There's a MAC store in The River too)

Downtown Palm Springs in front of Ben & Jerry's.

I like staying at ACE, but Coachella weekend had the prices thru the roof! So just down the street I stayed here. We just hardly stayed in the room anyway. The pool was nice and where I spent most my day...

Ooh the beach. Those of you that live in Cali don't realize that you have a beach! It's not Miami beach, but it's a beach! PS. I was freezing!! I was bummed! The hoodie I'm wearing is from the little boys section at Target!

This post was just some random pictures from my vacay. I want to go back but SO HAPPY to be back in VEGAS!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

MAKE UP POST: Feeling Blue!?

Herro Everybody.

Here is the second post from my vacation in Cali. But this one has to do with make up! YAY! We all love make up, RIGHT!? I had tweeted this picture the night that I wore this make up and got several responses to it! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the products Nicole used, but I know that tons of bronzer was used! Below I will explain the products used. happy reading.

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I usually don't let anyone do my make up, but totally trust Nicole! I worked with her at this location in Palm Desert, Ca. And of course this is where I met Joser!

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I actually went to the counter after shopping and stopping for happy hour just to have Nicole put 'SNOB' lipstick on me! When she met for lunch, she was wearing it and I had to have it! Well one thing led to another and BOOM! A full face with fierce make up!! Talk about inspiration!

From Blogger Pictures
After stopping at the M.a.C. counter I was ready for the town! AHAHA Next stop, THE FALLS Steakhouse in Downtown Palm Springs, Ca. Sorry for the graphic pictures of meat if you are a vegetarian. But this girl loves MEAT!

From Blogger Pictures
If you read my previous post. I told you that there was a more detailed picture of my bracelets. Here it is. Lots of noise was made this day with all the jingles! But I love the way this looks and plan on rocking bracelets this summer!!

Deep Truth for bottom waterline.
Loose blue/purple pigment mixed with Fix+ as an eyeliner.
Deep Damson in the crease.
Brick Red in the crease to fade Deep Damson.
Shimmer gold paint pot as my lid color.

Tons of shimmer bronzer.
Matte bronzer to contour.
(The new trend is super bronzy skin)

Soar lip liner
Snob lipstick

I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!!
And thanks for watching me eat! HAHA


Friday, April 22, 2011

OUTFIT POST: Vacationing in Cali..

Finally, VACATION!!!

Here are a few pics of shopping on El Paseo in Palm Desert, Ca. Kinda like a mini Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. Ya know, the stores that you wanna shop at but can't afford!? I have separated my pictures so I can do specific blog posts. So stay tuned. For now, here ya go..

From Blogger Pictures
Shopping at Sephora.. H&M tank top (which will be a tank that I will be wearing every day I'm sure)

Make up Forever. I'm a bit obsessed with their lip glosses. Hat from Haute Chix in Las Vegas, NV.

Right after this shot, they made us put away the camera. BOO!

The rope like bracelet is from H&M. I have been wearing it like crazy! I love brown, bronze and gold. Especially during this time of the year. My next post has more detailed shots of it. Shorts are from FOREVER21. 10 bucks! I love sales!

Wedge shoes are from Steve Madden.

If you are ever in Palm Desert, go see this girl NICOLE. My next post will be on the make she did for me later that day. I stopped by the counter and she just went INTO THE ZONE!

Grabbing some quick Starbucks with the BFF Jose.

I have been waiting for this vacation for months now. I have till Monday. I think I'm going to use these days to recover. Oh wait, it's Easter on Sunday. Gotta shop for Easter dresses!

*Hautechix is a Vegas spot. If you like my hat you can find it at

(click on the 'blog' link)


Thursday, April 14, 2011

"TOURIST DAY" Local love for DUE FORNI


The other day Paul and I had some lunch at a new spot in town. About 15 minutes west off the strip, you find DUE FORNI (google maps it for directions) Pizza and wine. Umm, yes please!

From Blogger Pictures
Covered patio is always a plus!

When you first walk in you see this bold orange bar/lounge area.

From Blogger Pictures
I love the glassware!!

Thursday nights might be my new 'Grown and Sexy" spot

Taking pictures of my food has become an obsession..

Turkey Meatballs for our appetizer.

Majority of the wine list consist of Italian wines..

From Blogger Pictures
I am usually not a fan of WHITE PIZZA, but this changed my mind! This divine pizza is called 'BIANCA AL PROSCIUTTO COTTO' Cooked ham, fontina, caramelized onions, oregano and aged balsamic. The caramelized onions were such a great touch!

This is what I call dessert! Whipped buffalo milk ricotta cheese. Drizzled with artisan honey and topped with crushed pistachio. High in protein and only 300 calories!

Alex the Operating Partner, sent over our desserts. Too much yumminess to handle!! 66% Verona chocolate. Nutella. Fresh Strawberries. Powdered sugar. Perfection.

Want some?

For those of you reading this, TRY IT! If you actually plan on going, INVITE ME!

Make sure you ask for Alex. Tell him I sent you!

You're hungry now huh? I am.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Shopping at Boca Park in Summerlin. Outdoor mall. Full of local boutique stores. Cheesecake Factory, Gordon Biersch, Kona Grill, HauteChix, Pink, Hottie and American Apparel. (Just to name a few)

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

Sitting down at Kona Grill for happy hour food and drinks.

I broke out my new Badgley Mishcka wedges!
Hat is from HauteChix in Boca Park
Jacket from H&M

Photo Cred: Paul


my quote

I love to write. I love to listen. Try them both. Discover yourself.

That is all.
Peace Love Lipgloss

Monday, April 11, 2011


Herro Kitty.
So I jetted out the door yesterday with this outfit. I don't even think I brushed my hair. Oh yea, I didn't, that's why I'm wearing a hat. I don't know what I do with my style sometimes. I figured if I wore a red watch and a red hat it would marry the outfit. If not, I'd rock it anyway. Then I paired the turquoise ring since it was complimentary to coral/red. Get to know your color wheel and you will be able to stand out with colors more!

(Above) New shoes by Badgley Mishcka

can you tell I'm wearing that amazing bra!?

So everyone thought that the bottom to my outfit was a SKIRT. Nope, just some RAVER pants. LOL JNCO like what!? If you don't know what JNCOs are then I feel very old and totally dated myself. Oh the joys of being in your late 20's. Anyway, thought this would be a nice little post to clarify my outfit from yesterday.

G-shock red watch
Red hat from 3 years ago- Wet Seal
"raver" floral print pants- Forever 21
Turquoise ring- H&M
Wife Beater tank top- Package of 3 from Target (CHEAA)


Sunday, April 10, 2011

OUTFIT POST: Badgley Mischka

Holy BeJoly Batman.
I was in "awww" when I saw these on display when I walked into Nordstroms earlier today! One of those bits where you think to yourself, "Man I bet these are expensive! BUUUUUUT I really want them!! Let's try them on anyway" I did just that. When I saw that they weren't as expensive as I thought, I went ahead and made the purchase. (Of course I wore them around the shoe department for about 15 minutes)

My suggestion is, go buy yourself something for spring. Celebrate being YOU! You deserve it, whatever it is that you want. Love yourself!

I can't wait to wear these things. I don't care if they are nice name brand. I will wear them to the ground! Most people only pull out the expensive stuff on occasion. WHHY!? You pay all that damn money to wear it a couple times a year!?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

MAKE UP: New Video with my INGLOT eyeshadows

Yes I made a new video! Here are some pictures! I used NYX as the lipliner with a pink/nude lipstick and put a nude lipgloss to calm down the pink!! I wish I had the numbers for the shadows, but you get the idea right!?