Monday, January 31, 2011

what pisses you off?

liars... people who talk the talk but can never walk the walk. It also pisses me off when I give people the benefit of the doubt and they don't use it to their advantage...

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

hi marissa you how to keep fit? and how much do u weigh?

I chase my kids around... ;) Its the power of THE SECRET. I don't ever think about how im going to get fat when I eat junk, I simply worry about it when it happens... LOL I also dont drink that much soda.. and I try and eat lots of little meals...

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Something new...

Hello to ALL of my readers!
This isn't going to be the usual blog post. Usually the make up and the fashion is the thing to inspire me to blog, but I thought I'd share some of my personal life that is what is getting me to blog today!

From Blogger Pictures

Let's start with the above picture... For the first time in my life I shot a gun!! I know it sounds crazy to some, but I have always wanted to do it. Just to feel the power. Shooting a gun always seemed like something just in a movie. I have never even held a gun, let alone seen anyone be shot! It's not like the family was into guns or into hunting.. So to me it was foreign. NOT ANYMORE! I finally walked into the gun range not too far from my house! I shot a regular handgun, nothing too flashy. What an adrenaline rush! Jose and I both have never shot a gun. It made me feel powerful, but so scared at the same time. It's mind boggling how people can just shoot each other on the streets.. If you do have a gun in the house, I hope that it's locked in a safe and not where an ACCIDENT with little ones can happen!

From Blogger Pictures
And here she is. The newest Viva Glam Gaga 2... she is perfect with hodgepodge, stripdown and even plum lip liners from MAC! Now these suggestions might not be for everyone, but one out of the 3 is gonna work for you! This lipstick is an amplified formula.. Which means that it is highly pigmented like a matte lipstick, but has a creamy finish unlike a matte/dry one. I don't believe its out till early Feb...

From Blogger Pictures
While I'm blogging the kids are playing Wii. I'm so happy that video games are getting kids off their butts! I can't stand seeing people sit there like a bump on a log... playing video games for HOURS!! So gross. Any who, with these little girls growing as fast as they are, I let them play outside for at least a half an hour. Get their blood flowing and keeps the screaming and loud noise OUTSIDE! HaHa! Also keeps the house clean for that little bit! Direct sunlight is the main resource for VITAMIN D! Enjoy the outdoors! Even if it's a walk to the mailbox.

From Blogger Pictures

This is a picture of Calico here in Vegas. We are surrounded by mountains! So pretty all year round! This is when I attempted to go hiking with the girls from work. I AM NOT an "outdoors" kind of girl, but I wanted to try it.. Although it was sunny outside, it was still cold and I HATE the cold!!! I think I made it about 10 minutes. My heart was beating like crazy and I was DUNZO! LOL I'll give it another try and hopefully make it further.. Little by little is what I keep telling myself!

So that's it as of now.. a little this and that of life. Have you tried anything new!? Tomorrow is not promised, so give it a try!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Jemma Kidd

In my waterline, I used a green eyeliner, but you could substitute the eyeshadow from the palette.. Use a liner brush.. ;)

The product above is amazing and all the girls at work loved it! The gloss goes on CLEAR and turns a natural/flush pink on your lips! Anyone can wear this gloss and it feels so moisturizing on the lips!! This product can be found at Target!

I have to talk about some of the other products that you see in the pic above! But I'm in a rush! I just wanted to post this! There is a highlighter stick that I use and some lip glosses that are perfect for on the go!

Don't you just love Jemma Kidd!? Here is my mini review of some of their products!

I know we all go to Target! And since this line has always caught my eye since the beginning! I've purchased a few lip glosses and eye shadows here and there, but never got around to trying anything else! The good people from Jemma Kidd have sent me a few things!!

First, the eye shadow palette.. the turquoise color just popped out at me and that was the first color I tested from the palette! All of the eye shadows in this palette have a fine sparkle, just enough to not look like glitter! The only color that I did not use from the palette is Carbon from MAC just to deepen my crease. The eye shadows do not have names for them or else I would have told you color and placement. So I decided to take a picture with the palette (shown above) so you can match the colors!

I was looking on the Target website for this, but I couldn't find it. Jemma Kidd has their own website with more goodies! Click below:

Saturday, January 8, 2011


The product above is like the mixing medium from MAC. I think THIS product was OK. I found that it made my pigment chunky and not go on evenly. I'm pretty sure I can find a way to use it.. Perhaps I will use it with glitter next time and make eyeliner..

#84 pigment swatch. I thought this was so delish when I saw it in the store. I still loved it after wearing it!! Swatch was done without the mixing medium.. still came out great!

Pigment on the left (above) and glitter on the right (above)

I had to hold back in this department!! I actually don't wear lashes like I used to, but I just love having them in my make up drawer! If you get a chance just go to the website or go into a store if you haven't! The selection of fun lashes could definitely leave you broke! Lashes there cost $12.

Yes I have branched out... I went out and finally purchased product from INGLOT. The store that I went to is located in Town Square... I'm always in the Apple store, and INGLOT is right next store... I always went by this store and never went in.. I have seen these lashes before, but have never seen the product! I was pretty impressed with it!! It is a couple bucks cheaper than MAC, which now a days a couple bucks to help all of our OBSESSION with make up helps!! LOL

The product is originally from Poland I believe and all the packaging is done by the company which is why they are able to keep their prices down. Its kind of confusing to go by all the numbers, but I guess that's what works for them.. the loose pigment that I purchased is called,#84!? Eh, get used to it right!?

When I went to swatch the eye shadows, I couldn't pick which one to dive into first! So many colors and bright! Natural colors as well too!! I think it was $42 bucks for a whole palette of shadows. Pretty cheap in my eyes! I did find that INGLOT eye shadows could potentially have some major fall out. But that is why we do our eye make up first.... RIGHT!?!?!!? (you should all be nodding your heads "YES")

ALL in ALL I was pleased with the product. I am trying my best to try and stay away from that store, I can rarely say NO to new make up ;)