Friday, December 16, 2011


OOOOOOOOOO a make up post! With some color! Before I start this post, I'd like to say that during the winter time when I turn PALE, I like to stick with cooler colors. Kinda like EMBRACING my paleness.. LOL I feel that I go straight to an olive complexion and loose all the bronzy glow. Let's face it, it's way too hard to keep up that tan too! I'm not trying to always spray a self tanner or go in a tanning bed. Using pinks, reds and oranges on my eyes makes me feel more "green" since the red hues are complementary to green. Feel me? So let's begin.



Brushes: Crown and SedonaLace. (Make up by Ren Ren has a vortex set of brushed equipped with a brush belt) I think the set is so well put. The fluffy white brush is very close to the 217 blending brush from MAC. Well done RenRen!

MAC Mineralized Shadow: SHE WHO DARES. You might hate me for this, but it was from the Disney collection that came out a while back. I packed the blue shadow on top of the Sugarpill shadow.

MACs PLUMAGE: One of my favorite shadows from MAC. A smokey eye with this single color is just amazing. It's a nice alternative to just the usual black smokey eye. I used this color on my outer crease to create the depth. The matte finish on this shadow really deepens the crease.

Sugarpill: Wow. First time I have used their shadows. What a great quality! I am bummed there wasn't a more natural color in the Beautylish gift bag so I could wear it everyday! The pigment in the shadow is intense with not much fall out! I was impressed! I placed this color on the lid first and then packed on the MAC shadow for the sparkle.

Lashes: MAC. For this look I used #36 lashes. Nice and full.

Lips: I used MACs Cherish lipstick with a glossy pink for a more flush tone. It's pretty heavy on my eyes, so we don't wanna over power. Let the eyes have the spotlight!

I have a tutorial for this coming soon! I just sound like a man and have to do some voice overs. I better get my voice back. 2nd time this year I've lost my voice.



  1. soo pretty!

  2. I didn't know you had a blog aswell!
    Yay for that!! :) I love this look, the colour reminds me of Cornflower pigment from MAC which is one of my faves I love doing purple/blue smokey eyes with brown eyes too. LOve it :) xxx

  3. Good Evening Daaaarling! Just got done watching your beats #5 & #6. I remember when I used to juice for myself and my mommy. BOY ! Did that used to do the trick ! I found myself in the toilet for at least a half hour, easy. But it was definitely worth it . I wasn't tired as much, I was more focused and I didn't go bald as fast as I thought I would. It was amazing. Thanks for sharing and great job in taking care of your dad. He is truly blessed to have such a caring daughter like yourself. God Bless. From the intersection of East Bonanza & Las Vegas Boulevard, Desmond Castro----GO ARMY VETS !