Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inspiration applies to all.


Can I just say that I have Aaliyah blasting in my house.. IF YOUR GIRL ONLY KNEWWWWW. Timbaland and her the best duo ever. The beat breaks in the songs were so UGH! (plug in thizz face) Made me grab my laptop and start writing. Music is key when I wanna get some creative juices flowing. Think about how creative the minds are of the music that you are listening to. A vicious cycle of artistic that I just can't handle (in a good way)

I was tending to blog today just because of the simple fact that I love to blog. Funny, I love being in front of that camera, but on this blog, it's simply words. All from me of course, but just words. NO facial expressions, NO demonstrations, NO make up, NO FACE. Just me typing away. It really allows me to sit back and speak from my mind. Therapeutic if you will.

Another reason why I was going to blog was because of my mom, Rose. Yes, her name is Rose, hence RissRose. LOL she started blogging and she is now on her second post. Do you know what that second post was about? ME. How I, her daughter, inspired her!!?? That is a first and I was touched. If any of you were apart of my beginning sub list of Youtube, you will notice that my videos were filmed in her house. I used to live with my mom and I used to film in my room when no one was home. I don't think my mom knew about my Youtube life until last year. Funny huh? I was kinda embarrassed to let anyone know that I made these silly youtube videos. 3 years later, I am teaching my mom how to blog because she was simply inspired by me. She will eventually have a youtube channel, but for now, she is teaching us all how to be positive and age gracefully as she gets the hang of blogging.

Moral of the story is, don't be like me and hide what you are proud of. Eventually people will come around and be inspired by that. And when that happens, your heart will smile and you can even dust off your shoulder.



  1. Aw how awesome! I link my blog to my fb.. but not many people read it.. it did inspire my mom to start blogging as well, though. She's still really computer/phone illiterate lol. Keep up with the blows, they are inspiring for me, too! :) Xox

  2. thank you mama!! i just started following your blog!

  3. I love how you inspired your mom to blog! I have gotten a few friends to blog as well, and it is great to see people talk about their life. Like a journal for people to see.

  4. Its funny how you made this post, just before reading this, my boyfriend's sister found out i have a youtube channel that I just started and I must say it's hard watching other people watch yourself ... But your so right! You shouldn't hide something that makes you proud. Thanks Marissa! Besos! By the way I've been having you as one of my fav blogs on my blog since I discovered you! Your an inspiration to all of us girls!

  5. It's 3am and I just went through all your blogs. I love you even more. I always look forward to your videos in youtube. It's weird because after reading your blogs, I feel like I know more about you. I'm so inspired to turn my life around now. I don't know may be I'm in this depression mode, coz I'm turning 30. But after reading and watching your blogs I feel inspired. I see a lot of similiraties with you and I. You actually reminds me of my BF in Michigan. Her name is Marissa too!Like you I use to be so creative. I use to draw, paint, and take pictures before my babies. I was going to go to a private art school in Detroit. I forgot about all of these that made me happy, until I saw you on youtube. I'm not a! Just a new fan.

  6. I love your taste in music. I'm thinking you're a 90's hip hop/R&B kind of girl like me!! It's so refreshing to see a girl who's into good hip hop. Keep representing!
    You're such an inspiration to girls everywhere and are so good at what you do. I can see why your mom is so proud and inspired by you. Keep doing what you do!

    ps, check out my blog,

  7. I have come out of my long long long hiatus from blogging because I was inspired by this new generation of bloggers (and by new I mean the last 4-5 years - you included. I just subscribed to your blog and have gotten back into the swing of writing again by starting a new one myself.

    Inspriation comes in all places, from anywhere and from anyone. And once in awhile inspiration can come from a daughter giving her mother the extra push to "just go for it"...or give an ol' blogger the kick to start up again :)