Friday, December 30, 2011

Can I have an apple tree?


I woke this morning CRAVING spaghetti. Both of the girls are sitting here, one on each side, eating cream of wheat with banana. That sounds good too.

What inspired me to blog this morning was apples. Yes, apples. We go thru so many apples in this house and it's making me go crazy. I juice everyday and use about 2 apples. Sometimes 3 when I juice for the whole family. (kids, nana and Jose) So that's at least 14 apples a week. So I said out loud, "Lord, please give me an apple tree!" (My nana is a very religious woman.) Nana says, "Praise God! Ask and you shall receive baby!"

It's amazing how you can get fast food and feed a whole family for 6 bucks, but if I want apples for a week, I'm paying nearly a dollar a pound. If I wanted Organic apples, there goes another couple bucks. It's really sad, but I guess we have to pay top dollar for what the earth provides naturally. (sarcastic voice)

One day, I would like to have my own chicken coupe, apple orchard, lemon tree, rose bush and possibly my own cow. I'd have natural eggs and fruit! Juicing is expensive and I usually have to buy what is on sale. Here are the top foods I look for to make great juice!

Must have:
Kale (any type)
Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, cucumber and apples make the most juice! So with just one of those alone, you can make a fair helping! Sweet Potatoes also taste really great! They calm any taste of celery down!

Spinach and Kale do not juice that much, but you can taste the slightest bit!

Adding at least one apple to a serving of 2 glasses makes a world of a difference. As well as blackberries! I use only about 5 for 3 glasses full!

So with that being said. Lord, please give me an apple tree...



  1. You're too funny! Love watching your youtube video's and loving your blog!You seem like a great mom also' keeping your daughters on the healthy track!

  2. Hey Marissa, Awesome job on the Beats of a MC #10.I just love be driven on I 15 at night. The view is beathe taking.Speaking of which;-Got to see the inside of Red Rock Station for the first time. I hung out briefly with my friend Deetz who was bowling with some friends. The west side of the valley seems to be optimistic for me when it comes to a job op. I would love to learn how to edit you tube videos some day. Blogging rules! From the intersection of.. you know where. "Big" Des(mond) here, Rock on!

  3. Aww;[ I live in WA state , right down the street from an apple shipping warehouse. Theres boxes on boxes on racks on racks on racks of delicious apples here fam! I would send you some if it was legal Marissa! <3yaa

  4. I would love my own apple tree too! I don't know if you already do this but try going to your local Farmer's Market! You can get apples, other fruits and veggie's for a really cheap price!! I love going to the Farmer's Market. :)

  5. I started juicing this week...bought all of my fruits and veggies. Started juicing...all my fruits, veggies and put in my organic spinach last. Tasted it...mmm...not too bad and then there was a SPICY kick to it. Ugh! I grabbed mustard greens instead of spinach. lol. Back to the drawing board.

  6. Happy January 5th,2K12, darling. Another fine job for # 11. I enjoy you singing along to the CHIPMUNKS! They RULE! Ha-ha-ha; I couldn't resist that. So, glad to see some folks were able to ring in the new year the right way here in Vegas. My plans were abruptly canceled when our site director said " You guys-New Years on the Strip?--FORGET IT! You Vets stay put here on site! Well, after I receive my HUD voucher I may try to blog myself. Until then, STUCK near the intersection of East Bonanza & L.V. Blvd. aKa Costopo, Desmond Castro . Thanks for sharing Marissa.

  7. Happy Friday Ms. Marissa! Thank you for your weekly vlogs and (almost) daily blogs. Keep up the great work in letting us into your life, even for a little snippet.

    With <3 from SF,
    Sheila A. aka slv522 (youtube); @candyvelasco (twitter)

  8. I just love ur blogs! When I get some square papers I'm gonna have to try juicing. Get on that healthy tip ya heard.

  9. Hi I absolutely love your vids. I am looking to start juicing for the very 1st time for detoxing and weight loss. I just dont know where to begin recipes etc and how ofter. Any advice for a newbie?

  10. Agreed! I juice as well and we just spent 8.75 on 4 apples :/ so sad lol.