Thursday, November 3, 2011

VEGAS TOURIST: Theres more that the DAM strip!


I haven't done a Vegas post in a hot minute! This one may be different. Its nothing to do with clubs or hotel stay or to eat! This is history. HOOVER DAM. Although I wasn't able to catch the tour in time, but the public is still allowed to mosey around! Here are some photos! I filmed from here and will have it up! It was cool to see the bridge finally built. Last year when i went to Grand Canyon, it was still being built! They have a walk on that bridge so that tourist may catch an amazing view! A MUST!!!

Below: Joel was in town for some filming for our second channel. VIVATHEFRESH. Check us out on youtube! I think you'll like those videos! This was also after the Beautylish weekend. Thank the heavens he drove back to Vegas with me, I was so sick!

The last Hoover dam tour is at 4:15. So if you wanna go for that, go before then!!
I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Hope tomorrow inspires you.



  1. Thnx for sharing girl! Gorgeous view!

  2. Seriously, looks awesome! Next time I go back, I will AVOID the strip and venture out a little. :)