Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving with fam can be stressful!

Just got home from Thanksgiving dinner at moms house. Holidays can be 1 of 2 things. Either really stressful or just the happiest time of the year. I think last year was one of the first years that I experienced stress. It was no fun at all. And then sometimes you think to yourself, "Was I adopted? How am I related to any of these people?" The differences that you and your family members share are sooooo different, but yet they are your blood. Its a little nuts to me. Like other families across the world, mine is split. My parents aren't together, so it splits the day in half and becomes a stress in its own. I actually prefer to just stay home with my lil ones, but I want the children to be around family.

I may be just venting. But I thought where else can I talk about it other than to a bunch of strangers and/or a bunch of reader who could possibly see where I'm coming from.

Nonetheless, I love my family. But I love that I have my very own sometimes and I like to do my own thing...




  1. Feel u girl, we did it at our home and invited just my sister her Fam, my hubby's parents and of course mom n dad and the kids. It was nice and it was the first time we did it this way. Usually it'd be the whole shabang cousins, aunts and uncles but it was really nice n intimate and def. less stress. Happy Thanksgiving RissRose!

  2. completely understand. my parents got divorced when i was 4 so i dont even know what a complete family meal is. The holidays are worse. I dont even spend it with my sisters, brothers, mom, or dad. I spend mine with my in-laws, and even that is stressful. Next year we decided that we're just going to do our own thing since thanksgiving is a dad to relax, pig out, and be with your kids.

  3. I really miss mi madre. She would't cook turkey for Thanksgiving. You wanna know her main couse was?-----TOMALAS!!!! nA! JUST KIDDING Her Turkeys were fantastic. She was practical too. Tha only people she wanted to go and visit was her aunt and 2nd cousins; no more than that. I guess she wanted to avoid the stress of getting everything you need to have company over.Extended family may got a phone call from her but other than that, " Aw> for Christmas I'll make them a half dozen of Tomalas" ( If they show up)

  4. Even though my parents are not together, they are still friends. Have been together off and on since they were 13, and are really good friends when they're separated. I actually prefer my parents not to be together, they just get along better. Anyways, so we still have very tight holiday dinners, and I love it. I haven't talked to my cousin for a couple months, cause we had a disagreement, but we forgot about it on Thanksgiving and it was just like old times. That's why I love family, even though we may disagree at times, we are still there for each other when it is important. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing. =]