Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Documentaries make me happy.


I can't help but to have this song on repeat. It's such a feel good song! I have it playing right now as I'm cooking dinner. I'm making this cabbage soup that I have been eating at this Thai spot. It probably won't be the same, but similar. I figured it would be nice to have a big pot of soup in the fridge for the week! Kids are getting on their pajamas and I have my computer in my kitchen. With that being said, I have about 5 minutes to write this.

Today I watched this documentary. And I'm going to kick myself for not remembering what it's called.. Hmmm.. lemme google it. Ok got it. "Art and Copy" (I actually had to call Joel cause I couldn't find it. He's basically my google) While the girls were at school, I sat down and cuddled my couch watching this. I was so inspired. The art and creative minds behind advertising has got me itching to do something more with my life. I almost wanted to get up and seek a career in advertising. It was from the first MACINTOSH ad to the "GOT MILK" ads. The Nike ads were insane. I can really appreciate how ads work now. Amazing.

Uh oh, I hear little voices coming down the stairs. It's Dez and Lex coming down to eat dinner.
I know there weren't any pictures on here. But this is a blog. Whether or not it's about beauty, I can write whatever I want on here, right? RIGHT.

I love my readers. Thank you for sharing your time with me.



  1. Why am i always the first one to comment? Addicted much? Lmao yes girl its ur blog anything you post we will love =)

  2. i love your blog and i'm totally addicted to this song to! and the video is amazing!!! hope the soup was yumms!

  3. Cabbage soup? Dude hook it up with the recipe!

  4. You should watch missrepresentation.

  5. I have had the same song on repeat for a month! love it!!! i am def gonna make the cabbage soup! thanks for sharing! you and the girls should do a juicing one! that would be so awesome!