Monday, November 21, 2011

Beats of an MC.

I am so excited to start a "series" if you will.... Vlogs of everyday life. Sorta. I do not video EVERYTHING. Ya know, stuff that is my time and my personal space. I am just taking on this little project. I think its cool to share me. I was really inspired by ItsJudytime (my dear friend) to vlog. Hers are a little more intense, which I giver her mad props for being so dedicated. I on the other hand cannot be so dedicated since I do have other priorities.
I will be numbering these vlogs so that you can go in order if you do chose to keep up with them! Love you guys!



  1. Love the vlog... I do the same thing water in dishes, triangle plastic bags n of course no shoes in the house but house slippers. Lookin forward for the upcoming videos. Xoxo!

  2. Aww! God! It's too late. I just hurled all over the career center floor here at U.S. Vets.! Don't worry about, I'll clean it up. So much for my gym work out. Straight to the showers! If you ever drive by Bonanza & Las Vegas Blvd. Honk your horn, darling. And if you want, shout out "Go Army!" Thanks and Happy Holidays

  3. I would love to see a vlog about your makeup collection.