Sunday, November 20, 2011

Almost at 70K subscribers on Youtube!

As some of you may notice, I've been on quite the publishing rant on youtube! I hope it stays like that!! Watch my latest 2 videos! I think we all like hauls!
Please share my videos with all your friends!

Did you guys get to see my Mac hauls? The girls are making quite the appearances in my videos! I hope you comment and LIKE my videos!

I am getting so close to a mile stone! 70K subscribers! It's been a long time coming, since I was on that 2 year hiatus, I am back and hope to make you guys smile! I also love making new friends and taking your thoughts and suggestions into consideration! If you read my blog on a regular, I really like to see the familiar faces as the comments come in. And yes, BE VERBAL! Comment so I can get to know you!



  1. Hey riss! :) It's me, leah_yew from twitter? We've talked a few times. :) I love that your vlogging more and making more videos. You should check out the Get Your Freak On tag, seems pretty cool. :) Also, I've been seeing hater comments because ppl think you don't spend time with your daughters. I say, fuck the haters. Their your daughters and we all know you spend a LOT of time with them but need your time too. Just be yourself hun, we love you that way. ;) <3

  2. Omg Marrisa you are so freaking cute! you crack me up! love your viddys!

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