Sunday, October 16, 2011

This brush is AMAZING!

So I was at my girlfriend Tammy's house and she gave me this amazing brush!! It gives so much volume! WOW! This was an expensive brush from what she tells me ($60) but so worth the money! The volume I had in my hair was just awesome! I did everything the same, put spray gel and my heat protectant in my damp hair and used this brush! I am not one to spend money on my hair or brushes, but after using this brush, I am very interested in a high price range of product/tools for my hair. I think we all get that debate in our head of "is it really worth it thou!?" I know I do, but it makes a difference for sure!

Are there any other products/tools that I should know about!?
I am now interested!!



  1. wheres the hair pic gonna look into this brush im down to spend 60 on a brush like this the color is nice and the it!!
    DO A REVIEW, IM INTO HAIR PRODUCTS ILL DEF WATCH IT and everyone else who loves to watch your sillyness.