Thursday, October 20, 2011

My new Juicer!

How excited am I to share this with you all!? My breville!! It was $150 at Bed Bath and Beyond! GET ONE! You will love life and love yourself more after feeling so good! I am not just juicing fruits, I am juicing fruits and veggies together....

below: Here is one juice that I made for the kids and I after school. They loved it! The leafy lookin stuff is called Kale. It's really good for the skin, but don't add too much, it's got a kick to it! Of course make sure you peel and cut off ends of carrots. Clean all food in warm water.

Below: Lots of apples adds for a fruit punch taste! Kids can't tell the veggie taste!

Below: This is where I found out that too much Kale makes your juice too spicy! Maybe cut the stems off kale and you should be ok. 2 gala apples and some strawberries are yum! Half a lemon well cut the taste of any green veggies.

Below: Jose had a wonderful idea. Take our juice and add it to a blender with ice and a banana! Makes it like a smoothie! Banana is so powerful in my opinion! MY FAVORITE!

I just love that pic. HAHA

Any great recipes you like?



  1. Hi! Im juicing everyday! I feel so empty if I dont get to have my juice atleast once a day. So far my favorite recipe is Kale or Chards, Pineapple, cucumber and green apples!

  2. lol @ the last pic!! u're awesome...

  3. I juiced the whole first year after giving birth to my first daughter. I truly believe that is one major reason neither of us ever got sick that year. I just had twin girls a month ago and you reminded me of the juicing, so I'm going to start again tomorrow... Thanks for the inspiration!