Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DulceCandy wedding w friends and FukuburgerLA


This is a delayed blog post, but I wanted to fill you guys in on what has been happening in my life. I love when the people I share my life with, do great things. Most importantly I get to share these moments with them. Here is one special moment.. My dear friend Dulce. You all know her as DulceCandy87 on Youtube, but this day, she was just another girl, celebrating life with the man she loves. Sharing it with close friends and family.

Below: Chris and I. Also known as @cdiorme on twitter, you can also find her on youtube!
She is ready to pop, and I loved seeing a pregnant woman with her husband enjoying themselves! She looks beautiful with her belly! I miss mine!

Below: How beautiful? On the water. A groom waiting for his bride. Sunset. Just so romantic.

Below: Me and my SUZY rockin the nude pumps. I love shoes! These are the first nude pumps! I've always wanted them and it was so difficult to find the perfect pair! I must have tried on 5 pairs of nude pumps!! These Yves Saint Laurents were meant for my feet!

Below: Here are all your favorite Youtubers! Looking gorgeous of course. As respect, I blurred her wedding dress. I asked her if it was ok, she just wants to show you all her detail and dress personally!

Since the wedding was in Cali, I had to drive out. I decided to leave a day early and see the newest with FUKUBURGERLA. You all know how much I rant about Fukuburger here in Vegas, but now I am very excited to see a store open in LA!!!! To think that the Fukuburger truck opened only a little over a year ago! Im so proud of colin and the crew! Here's a picture of the inside. HOw cool is that hand painting?

Below: I have been on this red lip trip. Ruby Woo red lips. Lipstick made by MAC. Red lips are best with thick liquid eyeliner.. In my opinion. The quickest make up too!

Below: I went to the Roosevelt one night. Beachers madhouse? It reminded me of THE BOX in NYC which I loved! Just some random odd things that happen in that spot.. LOL Like midgets that deliver your bottle while attached to a wire in the sky!? Here is a picture of a viewer! She said she knew it was me because I was wearing my Jordans! HAHA thats a true follower right there!! XOXO

Below: Simon Rex.. Oh how I used to love him on MTV.

Below: Will!!! I love this guy! Pro rugby player and might I add that he is extremely smart!? Like on another level, smart. Here he is at Beauty bar LA getting his hurr did.

Great things happen to those that are patient and work hard for it... What are some things that you could be doing different? I try to think that everyday to better my life.. Today the thought of the day was ... "Why think about the future so much when what matters is the present!?" So there I went, I started to blog.. Share my life and experience with those that care to know.

Black Strapless dress: White House Black market
Nude pumps: Saks. YSL.
Red Lips: Ruby Woo by MAC
Sneakers: Jordans



  1. I love this post. Dulce looked beautiful and so do you. I always say that I could be doing more youtubes. I did 5 and just never did anymore. But, I'm going to try to do more this year, and work harder at it. I love blogging though and do that regularly. Thanks for sharing this. Hugs,

  2. Terrible, Terrible photo of me BUT it was great bumping into you in LA (of all places) Your even more beautiful in person. Thanks for putting up the picture :)

  3. Girl, YES! I'm preparing myself to get my GRIND ON! Pushing my makeup artistry business as well as being a broker for different cell/cable/internet companies. YES! I can do something every day to make my life, my son's life and future better. Besitos!

  4. Great post!! Dulce's wedding seems amazing! Love that it's on the water.