Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am so pleased to be sharing my experience with you from this social! Not to mention I am listening to some Common. Earphones in and I'm feeling the funk. Gotta love hip hop. Back to the subject. I was invited to speak on the Youtube panel of this event. Very honored to say the least. There were several panels and this on consisted of JulieG713, Xsparkage, Wendy and myself... Although there was a miscommunication of our time on stage, it was very fun to speak my piece of mind and hear what else my fellow gurus speak. Freestylin. Raw.

Below: Cdiorme, DulceCandy87, myself, MacNC40, QueenofBlending, Xsparkage and JulieG713

Below: I love the events that I am able to attend. All of the beauty community connecting and being silly. I love to hang with those who don't give a fuck as much as some. It's such a catty world in the beauty world of youtube and I don't think that some of you/us realize that it's not all that serious.

Below: The bag on the very end I WANT!!!! Ahhh! I wanna swap Suzy!!

Below: Dulces shoes are so cute! She said she got them from Wild Pair. Her little feet! Mine are on the right. YSL nude pumps.

Below: Billy B! I love his story. What an amazing individual.

Below: Kandee!!

Below: Talk about dedication. I got to meet this girl. Christine. AKA Temptalia. This chick is so dedicated to her blog as well as her boyfriend. I admire her ambition and the wave that she continues to ride. I am very grateful to be apart of socials including individuals such as this wonderful blogger!

Below: I asked Joel to join me for the social. I thought it would be great to get my other half of my second channel in the mix! He's fun anyway and I knew all the ladies wouldn't mind some eye candy. This picture is of one of my girls on instagram..

Below: This picture is my fav. It just shows how many laughs are shared between some of us. It's all fun. Smiling is the key to being beautiful.


I hope you all enjoyed my pictures!! Leave me comments! Love Love Love reading them!
Much love to all that support me and to those that just support themselves as a whole. The most beautiful thing in life is to be able to be happy and smile.



  1. It would be so awesome to meet you! When i go to vegas im gonna Holla! LOL. Glad you all had an amazing time! =)

  2. I love these pics. Looks like yall had a really good time. :)

  3. Marissa, phenomenal pictures. Your posts are always so entertaining. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, you were so nice and kind when I went up to you to say hello. I am still dying over your shoes :) (I was the girl with the hat and the high waisted Victoria Secret's pants :D)

  4. All the smiles and positivity in this post made my shitty day so much better.

  5. <3 the pics miss beautiful !!! coming from another filipino mexican sista !!! <# titan ing

  6. you shoulda left us some links to these ladies.
    Looks like you had a fabulous time.