Friday, September 16, 2011


I am so hyped this morning!! I don't know what it is but I am very inspired.. I thought I would just tell you guys everything on my mind.

1. When you feel like you change anything in life, are you like me and either wear dramatic make up or change your hair!? I'm going to get my hair done today. Good thing about having a sister that does hair, is that I can call her to do it at the drop of a dime! I just don't know what she is gonna do to it!

2. This morning was like crack for me. I woke up to take the childrens to school and my face was still puffy for like an hour. My sweet Lexi could tell how tired I was and she says to me "Mama, you look so awake! You don't even look sleepy! You got up quick!!" I swear my little girls make my day! I am currently sitting here blogging away as I eat a banana and coffee!! CRACK!

3. I started a new channel w Joel! For those of you who don't know who Joel is, he is someone who is inspiring me on a daily basis. Creative soul that doesn't fail to get the ideas on paper. You will love him! Just watch the first video we did together! We are planning on getting him a proper introduction so you can see that he likes long walks on the beach and such. HAHAHA. But for all the wondering minds, yes ladies, he's available, I am taking applications for this stud... NO BABY DADDY DRAMA. 

Please subscribe to our channel!

4. I am having such a great time in my life right now. I am grateful. For everything. 

5. At the moment I am listening to 90's grunge. Memories. It's nice to look back on your life and see where you have gone. the paths that you have chosen. Looking at pictures and listening to music is one of my favorite past times. I have had a very rocky road to get to where I am now and I would not do a damn thing differently. The mistakes I have made are drastic ones, but my skin is tough... No one can take that away from me. REFLECTION. Take time out of everyday and do so and give yourself a pat on the back.. You deserve it.

6. Get $30 dollars off phosphor watches! Use code RISS30 at PS. Lemme know if you order one. I wanna see what everyone picks. And send me pics! I wanna put them up!! 

7. I have a new video. A freaking tutorial. Can you believe it? I am a little obsessed with these colors and for sure the lashes by fauxlash! Take a gander.

Last but not least, my favorite app on my iphone is INSTAGRAM. Have an iphone? Get the app and follow me. I sometimes follow back. I LOVE PICTURES!!!!!!! I'm RISSROSE2 on Instagram. Get with it.



  1. omgee what a mouthful!! I love getting on blogger and seeing you pop up! This post got me even more hyper idky. im running on 4 hours of sleep just did 3 hours of non stop school work. And i'm not tired i guess the crack is in the air:P
    dont forget to forward me pics of any potential applicants for Joel because baby girl has to have nice brows too haha!

  2. Great blog..and your PIC ABOVE for your blog..came out really some more photography blog post..i have a 2 cameras a point and shoot and a dslr Nikon d90 and i love to see other tips and tricks..gonna go check out ur new channel!

  3. heya! I am an asian from singapore and i love latinas and hispanic looks!May u do a makeup tutorial for asians to look more like a latina/hispanic? Sorry if i offended anyone as i have little knowledge about latinas/hispanic culture. I JUST LOVE THE SEXY LOOK YOU ALL HAVE=D

  4. @adel, I was not offended at all.. nor should anyone be!