Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"VegasTourist" Meeting Nani!

This post is going to be pretty special to me. I love when I can meet my viewers, but this particular viewer is one that I follow. Some of you may know that I am a huge fan of INSTAGRAM (an app on the iphone) and I follow her on it. She is always taking pictures in another city, pics of stuff she buys and of course pictures of her and her boyfriend Kaluna. She has the sweetest smile and meeting her was very exciting for me! Here are some pictures of the few hours that I got to hang...

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This picture was taken outside of food court at Fashion Show mall..

This is Nani's man. So supportive of her. It really makes me happy when viewers tell me that their boyfriends watch beauty videos with them.. That's just so awesome to me!!

Kaluna- Instagram: @Kaluna Twitter: @kaluna_

From August 14, 2011
Lorraine: @lorrrrz

Justin @jciaude

Eating in the food court at Fashion show mall. Of course Hot dog on a stick. This was a really great conversation. Lots of smiles and laughs exchanged!! I had mentioned to Nani that she start her own blog since she is such the "picture taker"! Sharing her experiences and everyday life on instagram is so interesting and I knew it would be perfect for a blog! So guess what!? She started one!!!

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While we were walking around the mall, I received a tweet.. A girl had seen me in walking and didn't say hi. I wish that people wouldn't be so shy. I feel that I am so approachable! Especially because I make videos and basically share a lot of my life with you! I do understand that some people are very shy, but please do not be shy with me. I don't bite....hard. LOL



  1. yay <3 loves it!!! Thanks again you're the BEST! Can't wait til next time! ...In Hawaii!!! LOL! ;] xoxo