Thursday, August 18, 2011

" Personal Post", with some laughs..


Let's see , it's 1:39 am as I am writing this. It's my day off and I told myself that I would go to sleep early. I had some dinner, followed by some peach detox tea. Sent the kids to bed and had a wonderful conversation with my nana. (which she is now staying with me while she visits from the Phillipines) Do you know why I am still up? I will show you...

DYING> DEAD. This is just some of the pictures that I found on this wonderful website. WAOW! I mean it has everything. DIY, music, fashion, kid crafts and home stuff. All is pictures and let me tell you, I have been stuck for a couple hours. type in keyword "funny" and you will be stuck to your computer screen. I found some really cool DIY that I will try out and definitely film! I love crafting and making stuff! Get great ideas on

Id like to thank my sister for making me go on this site!



  1. I've heard of it from other bloggers but haven't been to it yet. Ill have to check it out! Thanks for the reminder! :) I'll be watching for some of your projects

  2. I love pinterest....there are some really great ideas on that site..I love the decorating and baking ideas