Sunday, August 14, 2011

Judy and Benji's wedding!!


AHHHHH! What a wonderful time I had in Washington for Judy's and Benji's wedding (itsjudytime on youtube) I have never been on the Northwest other than San Fran. So beautiful! So much green! If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed how much I raved about all the green!

The wedding was beautiful. I sat with Julie and Tim (JulieG713 and Timothydelaghetto2 of youtube) The ceremony was so touching. As soon as Judy started to cry I lost it... I don't think I know another couple that deserves forever more than Judy and Benji. Both amazing people and you can tell how much they love each other!! Congratz to them both and I am so happy that I was able to witness the start to their marriage!

Enjoy the photo diary!

Last minute touch ups before we left for the wedding.. with my favorite lashes from MAC. #35. Unfortunately they are discontinued! SO SAD! I'm on a hunt!

Outside the hotel.

Guess who caught the bouquet?

Lauren! (Queenofblending) Finally got to meet her in person! I wanted to say hi to her at IMATS, but was so busy! She is so funny and could not stop the laughing with her! She did Judys make up for her big day! Judy looked beautiful and made a gorgeous bride!

Group shot.

Benji is a dancing machine!!!!!

Money dance.

The beautiful bride.

Julie and I decided to give each other MJ tattoos. Marissa and Julie!

Of course we sat at the Las Vegas table..

We all had something with sparkle and glitter! This is a combination of our belongings! Lipgloss, sparkly phone cases, the bouquet, Lauren's sparkle hoops of and Tim's spoon. HAHA!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Lots of pictures! I wish Judy and Benji the best life together as husband and wife!

Dress: White house Black Market



  1. Thank you for all look gorgeous!

  2. looks like a wonderful time! cheers to benji and judy!

  3. Thank you for sharing. The pictures are beautiful & it all looked so wonderful. They are indeed amazing people. I wish them all the best.

    P.S You all looked gorge!

  4. that last picture is really cute!!

  5. awww thanks so much for sharing!!! :) Judy looks amazing, such a beautiful bride! I'm so happy for them both!! Btw you and Julie looks so pretty!! I love your shoes!
    Lots of kisses from the other side of the world!! ;))


  6. Wow, they're married. :)

    Your eyelashes are fierce! Anyway, what foundation are you wearing? It looks so good in pictures :)

  7. What foundation are you wearing?? Your skin looks flawless! Makeup tutorial, please!

  8. Awww.. you looked gorgeous!
    I am sure you an amazing time... Glad u got to meet Lauren!

    I was in Las VEGAS this past weekend and I kept telling my BF how I hoped to run into you somewhere ... !