Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Vegas Tourist" Eating at SWISH...


Like playing with ya food!?

Here ya go. Another spot to eat at! Located west of the strip. Local spot. SWISH.
This was my first time here and definitely not the last time. I suggest going during the day or early dinner. I can see how this place would get pretty crowded and super hot inside! To each it's own thou.. Enjoy the pics and captions!!

(above) Ya'll should recognize this guy. Mr Fukuburger himself. This place was Colins suggestion.. I love going to eat with this guy. He knows what to order, and one is always able to get a full experience of what a good spot has to offer. I always like to try everything, and going with this guy makes it easier to order more food... Right!? LOL

(above) The kids love edamame!

Add all of above to the boiling water...

Adding ponzu sauce gives flavor..

Then you take a sliver of meat, "SWISH SWISH" in the boiling water with chopsticks and eat with rice and selected veggies from the saucepan..

Of course you can't forget mochi for dessert! We chose strawberry and chocolate!

You guys should know that I love eating. I tweet about it all the time! Most people only know about the spots located on the strip, but local Las Vegas is where it's at. Holes in the wall are the best! (not that this place is a hole in the wall)


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