Sunday, June 19, 2011

Personal Post: Happy Father's Day.


This is just a little summin summin to honor family. I know some of us only take designated days to celebrate, but maybe we should be more aware of what's really up. I am a mother and a father to my children. Who says there needs to be 2 parental figures thou? Especially when I play both roles. On the same token, every child needs both female and male figure for the ideal balance. Either way, Much Love to you and yours. I love my kids who I raise myself and my big pops for always being there for me. I have been such a roller coaster and he is still there to say "Everything will always be OK mija" Good lookin out dad..

You mess with Riss and you get this. My pops in a nutshell. Chillin w a beer in hand.

Thanks for reading. I'll get back to doing more related posts. Just getting a little personal lately. "VEGAS TOURIST" post and some "MAKE UP" post due soon.



  1. you dad drinking Budlight=true mexican lol

  2. I reckon you're a great Mom and you are so fun, everyone knows that!.. It must be a blast having you around.

    I only ever had my Mum and she was both parents in one, and she has always done an amazing job at it.

    Love & Respect.