Friday, June 17, 2011



So i decided to do a blog where I was writing more than pictures. Share a little about me as a person and not just the crazy ass on youtube. The following information was requests from people that commented on my facebook post. I love feedback when I have questions just as you all do.

here we go..

.A little about myself.
28 years old.
Mother of 7 year old twins.
Residing in Las Vegas for 17 years.
Hip Hop lover.
I love food.
I read magazines from back to front.
I'm messy.
My height is 5'7" barefoot.
Always on filipino time.
I don't have very many close friends.

.top 5 songs.
(not in order)
Passin' me by -Pharcyde
Love of my life -Erykah Badu
Just Friends -Musiq Soulchild
Ready to Wear -Felix da Housecat
Juicy -Biggie

.How did I get here?.
I ask myself the same shit. I had a pretty big struggle my whole adult life until the last 3 years of my life. When I was 20 I got pregnant. Living check to check. Although now I still spend my money on things that the girls and I want. We only live once right? I save, but don't know why people pile it up so much for a rainy day. What, the rainy day when you die and you saved all that money for the day you die? My opinion of course. Anywho, I worked at MAC and left that job to move back to Vegas. I worked as an artist in a studio doing freelance work. I had the most amazing time. Kids were always with me and we were so tight. Push came to shove and I needed health insurance for my little girl. She has asthma. Paying outta pocket wasn't working and I was living with mom. Started Youtube somewhere in there and finally got a full time job cocktailing. Got a boyfriend and then stopped Youtube. I was too busy... 2 years later. I'm on my own. Very independent. Not much help from kids dad. I'm single. Starting to travel. Kids are honor roll every semester and I'm pleased to get back into Youtube and blogging full time.

I grew up in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. WHUUUUZZZUP!? Reppin 562. I left there when I was 9 and moved to Vegas. I was pretty depressed about it. My parents split when i was 9. divorced. dated. married. separated. divorced. WTF!? So you can only imagine what that was like. Other than that, my younger brother and I were pretty close til about high school.. When I was little I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I just knew it.. (as a matter of fact, I'm gonna call my kids. They are on vacay in Cali.. please hold...)
Ok I'm back. Yea so what was I saying? (reading what my last sentence was...)So being a young mom. Yea, I always knew I wanted my own family. Be the boss and call the shots. I was given the best gift. 2 little girls. My life couldn't be better. (maybe a little boy?)

(just a few)
Go to Spain.
See Prince in concert.
Skydive. (maybe)
Scuba dive.
be known for something great.
Learn another language.
paint a mural.
buy a house.
own a sports car. (that I buy)
(these are all things that are not as personal as the ones not mentioned)

Thank you to...
Carmen L.
Ashley A.
Stephanie O.
Simone F.
Karen M.
Maria S.
Harriet M.
Kara B.

This was pretty fun. We will have to do it again sometime.



  1. LOVE U MARISSA! Glad to know a little more about you ;] hope for more future blogs and vids!

  2. Hey girl way to rep the 562 in SFS! Things happen for a reason. I have a feeling that YT is going to open many doors for you. Enjoy the ride! See you at IMaTS!

  3. Really nice of u to share, u seem very real!

  4. thanx for letting us in!
    when you come back to cali..holllaaa

  5. Thanks so much for the post. It is a great way to get more personal with everyone. I think people feel like they already "know" the people they read about/watch but this is honest truth. It's nice to know that people can relate. Thanks for the mention, btw.
    Kara B.

  6. By a lot that you have listed we have a lot in common.... I don't have many close friends but the few that I have I cherish. I'm glad I had a chance to hang with you while in Vegas. Tho, I didn't get much time with ya I think your a Awesome Gal marissa. Everything you been through I can relate. Thanks for being you in every aspect. muah! xoxo

  7. Oh my gosh!! Your amazing!!! :-) May god bless you, your an inspiration and soooooo beautiful inside and out!!!

  8. P.S. You are already known for something great!

    Carmen Lee <3

  9. Loved learning a little more about you :-)

  10. yay thanx for sharing that <3

  11. aww thanks for sharing girl! i feel like we're neighborhood comadres! lol

  12. this post is awesome. you are very inspiring and beyond beautiful! gives me motivation to keep going even when times get tough. dont stop making videos, i lovvee rissrose!!<3

  13. I love all these comments. I really like when I get a connection with all of you and I like when you all feel that you can relate to me.

  14. Loved reading this, your wonderfull Marissa! Come to London <333

  15. You are so cool. I´d love to meet you! xx

  16. I really enjoyed your post, and I love that your back in the game. I began watching your videos by noticing your Chola Tag Game and when you stopped making videos, which caused me to watch your old videos 100X til this day. I love reading magazines and I love discovering new ones and I was wondering if you could drop some recommendations?

  17. Well Marissa, you can for sure scratch one of the lines on the bucketlist and that is be known for something great. You are a great role model for a lot, a great and beautiful person (inside and out), and a great artis full of passion for the world. Love all ur work, blogs, and videos. Thank you for not giving them up =)

  18. Hola Marissa nice knowing more about you. 

  19. Amazing! Started following you a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised reading this post; I thought I'd have to search some older posts so this is great! Didn't know you're half Filipino, me too!! Love your posts, waving from Montreal!

  20. Good. For. You. Sister! I've always known what an amazing woman you would turn out to be - even sitting in photo class together at age 16. You live a beautiful life and have so much to look forward to. Keep us posted!

  21. I love this post! thanks for sharing! I love how you are always on filipino time - sad that we are known for hella lagging! haha! I thinks its awesome you share stuff about our town, Vegas, like the FOOD!! Keep it up! =0)


  22. How did you get through life with twins?! you seem like you have such a fabulous life.. I am currently a 20 year old with a 1 year old living on my own and I feel like I can't do this. Im losing motivation. Reading this gave me a little motivation like hey she is raising twin girls and doing a fantastic job... I should be able to raise my daughter.

  23. I totally agree that u should spend yo money mama. especially on the things u like/want.. BUT I also think ppl should be prepared for their death bc it wouldn't be fair to left the expenses on other =]

    Ps.. I really like this post u should do more of these and I also read magazines from back to front <3

  24. you are a very brave and dymnamic woman.... and just like you said we live just once..... the people sould thing like you!!! be the smile on your face dont just ''wear it''.... i just read your blog and i feel like i know you a little... keppin up <3

  25. Thank you for being such an inspiring woman!

  26. Wish you all the best! May you make your bucket list come true :)

  27. you are wonderful! i love your videos and your spirit! you give me hope and being strong is so hard sometimes, but u help me see the light in myself and know i can be strong too if i just believe in me...thank u :) -jennbebee1

  28. I'm ready this in 2013 and I must say, I'm inspired by how far you've come. You are living proof that for every dark night, there's a brighter day, and you bring positivity and hope to your friends and followers through setting that very example :) there you go: "be known for something great," right? Haha it's amazing to see that you've already scratched a few things off that bucket list (traveling and getting the home with your momma) and it's only been what? A year and a half?! And as far as those things on your more personal bucket list... well I can only imagine how much you've accomplished in those terms. Good for you. I mean that sincerely :)
    Hope you get the chance to read this one day, and know the difference you make <3

  29. Hi Riss.. I knew it that you have a Filipino blood.. I really adore you so much.. I watched some of your videos with your kids and I enjoy it! My God they're so adorable!! You're so lucky to have those cute little angels.. God bless you riss.. post more videos of u and your daughters..

    Your Fan,

  30. Hi Riss.. I knew it that you have a Filipino blood.. I really adore you so much.. I watched some of your videos with your kids and I enjoy it! My God they're so adorable!! You're so lucky to have those cute little angels.. God bless you riss.. post more videos of u and your daughters..

    Your Fan,