Saturday, May 7, 2011

TOURIST POST: A night out...


Shopping at Haute Chix in Boca park in Vegas. I picked this Navy blue dress. So cute!

On my way to see JABBAWOCKEEZ.

Of course I get brought up on stage with a dress. If you come to Vegas, you have to come see this show! Nothing like seeing a bunch of guys dance the way they dance!! I had hearts in my eyes the whole time watching! HAHA

Andrew Garcia! If you don't know him. Get to know him! Beautiful voice!! Too bad he didn't win American Idol.



  1. Nice pics! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Fabulous dress, too.

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  2. Lovely dress. The boutique's accessories, bags, purses and heels are awesome as well. If one is in the area, one has to visit the boutique. Who knows one might find the perfect dress in the shop. I wish I'd see sexy lingerie in their racks the next time I visit them.

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  4. When my wife and I walked into their store, we were expecting to see price tags to be in the $300-$500 range. We were wrong. They are averagely priced! She ended up spending the money I won on the poker table and bought three dresses and a purse.

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  5. Sounds fun, I find it alluring to travel for the sake of finding good bargains and enjoying music events. flights to manila

  6. You look fabulous on stage. There's a lot of performances to see in Las Vegas.

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  7. Love the pictures. It looks like you girls really enjoyed yourselves.

  8. You look very fabulous on that stage. You should work on modeling I think it suits you. That dress is stunning I love it!

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