Thursday, May 12, 2011

TOURIST POST: Lunch on the stip

Who loves food!? MEEEEEE!
Yesterday I went to lunch over at MILOS at The Cosmopolitan here on the strip. Perfect weather to be sitting outside on their covered patio. Although its located in the heart of the strip, you can't really tell you're there! Being a local, we try and stay away from all the tourist crap. This spot is perfect for that! Milos has a great lunch special! 3 course meal for 20 bucks!

Let's just start with letting me tell you that I DO NOT EAT TOMATOES. But this salad was amazing! The food here is brought in fresh every other day! You can taste the AMAZING that comes out of these tomatoes! Goat cheese, red onion, cucumber and bell pepper tossed in some vinegarette.

My favorite ever. SALMON. The best I've had in Vegas. Crispy skin on the bottom.. MMMmmm reminds me of my nanas fried fish! Delish!

Almond cake with ice cream. Pretty good, but wish there was more ice cream. Talk about portion control.

Come here and gimme a kiss.. Don't act like you aren't thinking about some tongue action. LOL

This is the fresh fish displayed! The lobsters were still twitching!

Hanging with the fuku gang. Non stop laughing and permanent smiles!

Eating with one of my favorite persons in the world. Mr. Fukuburger himself.

As much as I love wearing heels, I LOVE ME SOME SNEAKERS! I really need to invest in some flats or sandals. Something a little more "dressy uppy" HAHA



  1. I love your outfit girl! you are so fricken gorgeous!! I miss you so much on youtube so now i favorited your blog and have been following you since..i'm leaving for vegas in a few weeks, I'm for sure going to stop over fuku burger & Milos. <33333

  2. I love you in Sneakers girl!
    You still look super cute either way.
    All that food looks yummy,,, specially the salmon.

    Cute hat.


  3. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg call me crazy but I was looking at the red fish picture for a few seconds thinking "what is this?" then I saw the eyes... ahhh im shivering I have a total fish phobia lol. I'm still shaking. Anyway, I love your posts! xoxo <3