Thursday, May 19, 2011

TOURIST POST: Day with the BFF!

I am so excited to share this day with you! Everyone meet my best friend, Tammy! I have been friends with this girl since 8th grade. She has not changed one bit! Unfortunately she lives in Southern Cali, so I don't get to see her as much as I'd like. But of course, every time we see each other, it's like we have just seen each other and pick up where we left off..

From RissRose2

Nothing like spending time with your best friend! This was before spa day at Venetian.. Spending a girls day together is so much fun especially when you're getting pampered! After our massages, we sat in the hot tub, had girl talk and went shopping!

Venetian teases with the goodies! We ended up getting the chocolate covered strawberries!

Of course there needed to be shopping! Tammy and I hit up The Forum. Michael Kors was a must! Both Tammy and I love this brand! she suggested that I tried on these shorts! They have zippers on both sides. Cute hey!? Tammy ended up getting the MK iPad case! Sorry i don't have a pic of it!

So much fun shopping! Tammy also got the butterfly earrings from Tiffanys! We now have matching earrings! BFF earrings! HAHAHA.

This was in the bathroom.. So nice and big! Great view!! I had to take a picture! I like to think that I am full of fun and spirit on my own, but being with your true friends brings the kid out of you! Don't you agree?

This was the lovely view from the window.The great thing about Trump is that it is all non smoking and doesn't have a casino at the bottom! It was built for residential, so there is a kitchenette and a big fridge! Worth staying!

Tammy. Don't you love her yellow pants!? We had dinner at Capital Grille. Sooo delish. Nice bottle of wine, crab legs, steak and some grilled asparagus. Don't forget to get the coconut cream pie!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you try out some of these spots in Vegas when you come to visit! After doing this post, made me miss my friend!I hope you all cherish the REAL friendships that you have... They are not common.



  1. Yes ma'am! I have a small, tiny handful of GREAT friends. Some I don't see very often, but we make sure to text/email/fb almost daily :P We all went to middle school together so every time we meet up it's reminiscing good, old times and catching up. Looks like you girls had the PERFECT day! :) gonna try those sweets at the Venetian next time!

  2. OMg. those chocolate covered strawberries were amamzing!!!

  3. Can I be your friend? :D I see you two had a blast! Luuuuv the Venetian goodies and love the MK haul even more!

    Btw, what's the exact name of your LV bag model?

    Thank Yeeee!
    Keep posting! :*

  4. i think its called blelightful or delightful...?? LOL

  5. Love the pics! I've stayed at the Trump and it was so nice but it was too Serene for us Vegas go-ers! hee hee...

    Stumbled upon your blog :) Following you now! Hope you can stop by mine too :)