Friday, April 22, 2011

OUTFIT POST: Vacationing in Cali..

Finally, VACATION!!!

Here are a few pics of shopping on El Paseo in Palm Desert, Ca. Kinda like a mini Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. Ya know, the stores that you wanna shop at but can't afford!? I have separated my pictures so I can do specific blog posts. So stay tuned. For now, here ya go..

From Blogger Pictures
Shopping at Sephora.. H&M tank top (which will be a tank that I will be wearing every day I'm sure)

Make up Forever. I'm a bit obsessed with their lip glosses. Hat from Haute Chix in Las Vegas, NV.

Right after this shot, they made us put away the camera. BOO!

The rope like bracelet is from H&M. I have been wearing it like crazy! I love brown, bronze and gold. Especially during this time of the year. My next post has more detailed shots of it. Shorts are from FOREVER21. 10 bucks! I love sales!

Wedge shoes are from Steve Madden.

If you are ever in Palm Desert, go see this girl NICOLE. My next post will be on the make she did for me later that day. I stopped by the counter and she just went INTO THE ZONE!

Grabbing some quick Starbucks with the BFF Jose.

I have been waiting for this vacation for months now. I have till Monday. I think I'm going to use these days to recover. Oh wait, it's Easter on Sunday. Gotta shop for Easter dresses!

*Hautechix is a Vegas spot. If you like my hat you can find it at

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  1. Thanks girls!! I think this will my uniform for summer! LOL I like wearing the most loose things in the summer!! And this tank top is perfect!

  2. Aww... you look great! I've been wanting to buy a shirt like that... and your wedges are too cute!
    I love the picture taken from the back, shows off your tattoo which looks great!

    Can't wait to see the next posts!
    I'm always looking forward to new posts on your blog... so keep them coming girl

  3. Nice photos:) Im looking forward new post as well!!

  4. that makes me a happy blogger when I get girls who are waiting for the next post!! it's inspiring!

  5. *schedules trip to H&M* I love your whole outfit, very comfy for vacation :P this post reminds me of how badly I also need a mini vacay with my BFF! Oh yeah, the hat is super cute too!

  6. I LOVE UR GLASSES WHERE ARE THEY FROM?? hope there in you next post!!

  7. i love your fashion sense its gorgeous and that hat is GAWJUSS

  8. haha you're too cute Marissa! love that u are blogging more now! :D and youtubing more as well! love ya!

  9. I go to Palm Desert almost every weekend and have never seen this place! I feel so out of place right now haha. Is the road it's on called El Paseo?