Sunday, April 24, 2011

MAKE UP POST: Feeling Blue!?

Herro Everybody.

Here is the second post from my vacation in Cali. But this one has to do with make up! YAY! We all love make up, RIGHT!? I had tweeted this picture the night that I wore this make up and got several responses to it! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the products Nicole used, but I know that tons of bronzer was used! Below I will explain the products used. happy reading.

From Blogger Pictures
I usually don't let anyone do my make up, but totally trust Nicole! I worked with her at this location in Palm Desert, Ca. And of course this is where I met Joser!

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I actually went to the counter after shopping and stopping for happy hour just to have Nicole put 'SNOB' lipstick on me! When she met for lunch, she was wearing it and I had to have it! Well one thing led to another and BOOM! A full face with fierce make up!! Talk about inspiration!

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After stopping at the M.a.C. counter I was ready for the town! AHAHA Next stop, THE FALLS Steakhouse in Downtown Palm Springs, Ca. Sorry for the graphic pictures of meat if you are a vegetarian. But this girl loves MEAT!

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If you read my previous post. I told you that there was a more detailed picture of my bracelets. Here it is. Lots of noise was made this day with all the jingles! But I love the way this looks and plan on rocking bracelets this summer!!

Deep Truth for bottom waterline.
Loose blue/purple pigment mixed with Fix+ as an eyeliner.
Deep Damson in the crease.
Brick Red in the crease to fade Deep Damson.
Shimmer gold paint pot as my lid color.

Tons of shimmer bronzer.
Matte bronzer to contour.
(The new trend is super bronzy skin)

Soar lip liner
Snob lipstick

I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!!
And thanks for watching me eat! HAHA



  1. HOTTTTTTTTTTTT i swear woman u can pull anything off!

  2. Awesome makeup chica!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!

  3. Yay, Very Pretty! Btw, I Have The Shirt You're Wearing.

  4. OMG!!! I worked in macys womens shoes and I love the mac people! I bet I saw you I just recently quit and just subscribed to your channel tho so I wouldnt have known :(