Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"TOURIST DAY" My surprise helicopter ride!!

I have one word:


I am very excited to share this experience with you all. If any of you have some extra money when you come to Vegas, THIS IS A MUST! I am now saving money to take my kids on this trip!

Paul told me the day before and said to make sure I dressed warm! I love surprises! Although I always try and figure them out, I had a HUNCH that this was it! I've always wanted to take a trip in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon!
Our take off time was at 1pm, we arrived at Maverick Grand Canyon Tours 15 minutes before... Just seeing the helicopters take off was amazing and gave me an instant rush! From take off to landing back took about 3 hours. Each way to and from the Grand Canyon was about 35 minutes. I thought that we were going to just fly around inside, BUT WE LANDED INSIDE!!! How awesome is that!? We landed where there were some picnic tables and they provided some veggies, cheese and crackers... We can't forget the champagne they served too!! It was a little overcast, but it didn't matter. Seeing the Colorado River and to just be inside the Grand Canyon was an experience in itself.

Here's a picture of Paul and I.

As soon as we brought out the snacks, these little guys came out! They LOVE people!

Feeding the furry friends ;)

Here's the "limosine" of helicopters

The plant life was beautiful.

Soaking it in

This is one of the stops that I went to the first time I went to the Grand Canyon. It's on the Hualapai Tribes land... This is where I first saw helicopters fly inside the canyon.

Stoked the whole entire time!

We flew along the strip on the way home.

Home Safe ;)

So there it is! I hope you guys enjoyed my pictures!



  1. isn't it amazing?? i did this two years ago and loved it!.. i want to do it again. the picnic set up was very nice. Paul is such a sweet heart...

  2. I will have to do this next time I go! BTW, what sunglasses are those??? They are the PERFECT aviators!

  3. love the post!!!!! u r so lucky!!!!

  4. This must of been amazing! :)
    I love the matching Nike Blazers... too cute.

    I'm scared of heights but sounds like you had a blast specially since you've been wanting to do this for a while.

  5. Amanda, The make of the aviators are from Michael Kors. Less than 100 bucks. I have tried a million and one pairs on!!