Friday, March 11, 2011

My birthday week!!

This has been one long week!!

I have tried to take as many pictures and video as much as I can, but to say the least, I am WORN OUT! I am no longer a spring chicken! HAHA I haven't been for a couple years now, but oh the joys of becoming an older woman! I think that most women to climb up the ladder in age, don't keep up. Nothing more attractive than a woman that can embrace her age and act it!!

I am in the process of watermarking the pictures from my birthday week. I want to share them with you guys! So until then, let me know what you wanna see and it'll give me more idea what to post. Cuz damn, watermarking is a pain in the ass. Thanks to those that steal my pictures!!!!


  1. i want to see what ur kids got u 4 ur bday!:)

  2. happy birthday lady! =] can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. happy birthday!

    love your blog! Following your blog and youtube now :)